Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Scheduling Wish List

Virginia Tech and Kansas State nailed down a home-and-home series scheduled for 2014 and 2016. Meaning if I'm still in Oklahoma eight years from now [/shudders], I'll have a much shorter road trip to see the Hokies than the 16-hour drive to The Burg that I'm used to.

The Hokies also play at Nebraska this year, a seven-hour drive I look forward to making in September. The Hokies have started scheduling tougher opponents, including Ohio State, but here's a list of teams I'd like to see a home-and-home series with for both football and basketball. As you'll see, most of these are for personal reasons. It's all about me.

1. Oklahoma or Oklahoma State: I'm selfish.

2. Tennessee: Few things would make me happier than a chance to crush Phil Fulmer.

3. Mississippi: A chance to tailgate at The Grove.

Their women are nothing to sneeze at, either.

4. UNLV: Vegas, baby, Vegas.

5. Oregon: Typically a solid team in a beautiful part of the country. I went two years ago for OU-Oregon and had a great time. You know, other than the part where the game happened.

6. Washington: I'm a big fan of Seattle and the Pacific NW in general.

7. South Florida: Hopefully Hokie fans will get used to the idea of going to Tampa every year. The next two ACCCGs are there. Oh, and I've got two words for you: Mons Venus.

8. Penn State: Not too far from Blacksburg. Would be a great rivalry against a tradition-rich school.

9. Navy: Again, not too far from Blacksburg. Would be fun to see the tradition at Navy-Marine Corps Stadium.

10. Texas: Another Big 12 school within easy driving distance of where I am. And for you Hokie fans who haven't experienced 6th Street, just imagine putting Bourbon Street in a college town.

1. OU or OSU in the All-College Classic in Oklahoma City: Guaranteed spot on ESPN against a good opponent. Oh, and it would be a good 20 minute drive for me.

2. Davidson: Ohhhhhh, no reason.

No, we didn't offer an immediate scholarship. Yes, he's really good.

3. Georgetown: Former Big East rival. Perennial power. Close to Blacksburg. No reason they shouldn't be playing.

4. Charlotte: If we're going to keep playing A10 teams, why can't it be these guys instead of GW and Richmond?

5. VCU and George Mason: CAA teams with national rep.

6. Memphis: They're back in the Final Four. They're a former Metro rival and the two teams played a few years ago in the NIT. Would be an exciting opponent.

7. Southern Illinois: We lost to them twice two years ago, including in the NCAA Tournament. My dad and grandfather (Saluki Alums) still won't shut up about it.

8. Kentucky: Not too far away from Blacksburg and they're one of the biggest names in college basketball.

9. Arizona State: A power conference team that is about at the same level as Virginia Tech, basketball-wise. And if you've ever been to Tempe and seen their wimmins, you'd know why this is a good choice for a home-and-home.

Fork 'em.

10. Tulsa: Sometimes good in basketball, good arena, short road trip for me.

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