Monday, April 21, 2008

Serenity Now

There's been some overreacting to Saturday's Spring Game by Hokie fans and some members of the media. Tyrod Taylor had a less than impressive performance for the maroon team in its 24-3 loss to the white team.

However, the impressive play of Sean Glennon should be the bigger story. Glennon threw a pair of touchdown passes and looked good for most of the game. While many Hokies are fretting over Taylor, how he's progressing and whether he should be redshirted (the answer is no), I feel comfortable knowing Glennon had a good day.

Here's what I've taken away from Spring Practice and the game on Saturday:
1. Sean Glennon is a good quarterback
2. Tyrod Taylor isn't as bad as he looked Saturday

That's about it, as far as the quarterbacks go. Really, quarterback isn't a position I worry about. Even if Taylor isn't as good as he was last season, I know Glennon will be improved. He's improved every year he's been with Tech and has become a great quarterback and leader. There's no quit in Glennon.

I wasn't upset with Glennon because he was unhappy to be demoted to the second team after the LSU game last year. That's the reaction I wanted to see out of him. And sure enough, he went on and led the Hokies to a conference championship.

The Hokies will need Glennon to win the ACC next year. They won't need Taylor.

However, that said, Taylor is a special player who is still developing. He adds dimensions to the Hokie offense Glennon can't add and should play next year. But Glennon should be THE guy. He's earned it. What Taylor can provide is athleticism and variables that most defenses have trouble stopping. He doesn't need to redshirt, but he doesn't need to start, either.

Two quarterback systems can work if each player's role is clearly defined before the season starts. That's what Florida was able to do with Leak and Tebow. The same can work with Glennon and Taylor, but the roles have to be clear. We can't have a situation like in the Orange Bowl where one of the quarterbacks is basically taken out of the gameplan.

Glennon should start. Both should play.

Pithy Spring Game observations by someone 1,100 miles from the contest:

1. Kam Chancellor is the new leader of the defense.
2. Tech doesn't need to replace four receivers to be a good football team. They just need to find one good one. Brandon Dillard is that one. Now, we need to find receivers who can fill roles.
3. We need to be a lot more worried about the kicking game than we are.
4. We're stacked at tight end with Boone and Wheeler. Hopefully we'll use them.

What you missed while tailgating at the Spring Game:

- Women's Outdoor T&F successfully defended its ACC title in Atlanta. The Hokies also claimed seven individual titles.
- The softball team took two of three from FSU. They are two games back of UNC in the loss column in the ACC standings and have a three-game series against the Tar Heels in Blacksburg this weekend.
- The men's lacrosse club team lost 17-16 to Georgia in the championship game of their conference tournament. Georgia scored the winning goal with 22.7 seconds left.
- Former Hokie soccer player Patrick Nyarko scored a goal in a Chicago Fire reserve game Sunday. Nyarko's was the only Fire goal in a 3-1 loss to Kansas City's reserve team. According to the game report, Nyarko deflected an attempted clear from KC's goalie into the net for his first goal as a member of the Fire's reserve team.

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