Friday, May 16, 2008

Great Moments in Beamerball: 1993 Independence Bowl

I was at this game. A few memories:

1. Tech's uniforms were great in this one. I like the orange pants.
2. Hokie fans had a great chant during the game: "Hey Hoosiers, There's Always Basketball".
3. My dad flew us to Shreveport the day of the game in what I think was a Cessna. After the game, we were taxiing to the runway when one of the tires got punctured by a nail. Good thing we noticed BEFORE taking off.
4. With the departure of the Orange Bowl, the Cotton Bowl and Independence Stadium are in a tight race for title of "Worst Stadium Used for College Football".

About the play:

Dec. 31, 1993 | Hokies vs. Indiana
Independence Bowl | Shreveport, La.

The Hokies led, 14-13 before scoring two non-offensive touchdowns in the final 35 seconds of the half. Tech returned a fumble with 23 seconds left to make the score 21-13. Indiana then got into field goal range and called a timeout with one second left in the half for a 51-yard attempt. The field goal was blocked and taken in for a touchdown by Antonio Banks and the rout was on. Tech went on to win, 45-20.

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