Thursday, May 8, 2008

Roth Report Features Bowls and Basketball

Today's Kroger Roth Report on has several interesting notes, including the ACC's new bowl alignment. It also touches on when and why the ACC will go to an 18-game conference schedule in basketball.

The ACC is now affiliated with nine bowls, including the new Congressional Bowl in Washington, DC. It's cliche to say there are too many bowls out there, but what else are you going to watch on a Tuesday night in mid-December? The NBA? Please. It means more college football, which is fine by me.

Virginia Tech will likely gain a home conference game in basketball starting with the 2011-12 season. That's when the ACC could move to an 18-game conference schedule to reduce scheduling costs and increase TV revenue. ACC teams currently play 16 regular season games against conference opponents. The Pac 10 and Big East play 18 conference games. I'm also a proponent of this move. It makes it more likely to see UNC, Duke or Maryland in Cassell Coliseum every year.

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