Saturday, March 15, 2008

Naming Drinks is Fun

This post is being brought to you by Wild Turkey 101. Because that's what I'm drinking right now to unsee what I just saw. My buddy Mike, who was unfortunate enough to have to watch that game with me, and I started off with a shot that was half 101 and half Jager.

According to Webtender, it doesn't exist so I'm taking it upon myself to name it. From here on, a shot that is half 101 and half Jager will be called a "Brandon Flowers" because it knocks you the fuck out.

Yeah, we played great. Yeah, it was nice that we played so well against the No. 1 team in the land. But we lost in the worst way imaginable. We led the whole way and Tyler Fucking Hansbrough ripped my heart out. At least it was the player of the year and not the dook player who shall remain nameless who added salt to the wound one day after the football team laid an egg in the ACC Title Game in '05.

This one hurts more than that dook game because it probably knocked us out of The Tournament. I like that the ESPN guys are talking about how we deserve to be in because of how well we played. What I don't like is that the committee doesn't give a shit about almost beating No. 1. The committee takes the Yoda approach to things like that. Do or do not, there is no try.

I'm glad they played well, but this team had two chances in six days to come up with a win that would have put them in the field, no questions asked. And twice they got complacent and choked down the stretch. Both the UNC game and the Clemson game are on the coaches. We stopped attacking, we started bleeding the shot clock and having empty possessions late because we were trying to shorten the game. And twice it led to tough losses. Tournament teams keep attacking, keep putting pressure on their opponents and get the job done.

I'll have a Selection Sunday post later today that will basically be a homer rant as to why we should be in. Until then, I'm going back to my 101 and diet.

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