Sunday, March 16, 2008

Your Selection Sunday Theme

On this bubblicious Selection Sunday, we are the Kings of Wishful Thinking.

I agree with Coach Greenberg. Anyone who thinks Tech shouldn't be in The Tournament is completely insane. It doesn't mean we won't get left out, though. The Hokies need wins from Wisconsin and Arkansas on Sunday to have a chance. Even with wins by both teams, it will still be close. At this point, I think Tech will either be the last team in or the last team out.

But, if the committee is going to take Kentucky, which everyone thinks is a lock, then they better put the Hokies in as well. The two teams have basically the same resume. Tech has one more win (19) than Kentucky (18). Both teams are young, struggled early and came together late in the year. Both teams have bad non-conference losses, however, none of Tech's came at home. The Hokies lost to Penn State, Richmond and Old Dominion on the road. Neither team has a signature win.

Kentucky lost to Gardner-Webb and San Diego at home and UAB in Louisville. They won 12 conference games, but there's no comparing the SEC to the ACC. The SEC was horrible this year. Tennessee is a great team and Vandy is good at times, but other than that, its an awful league.

And Kentucky will be without its best player, Patrick Patterson, for The Tournament. The committee has said in the past it considers which teams are at full strength and which have injury concerns going into the selection and seeding process.

The Wildcats also lost to a terrible Georgia team in its first conference tournament game. Tech won a game in its conference tournament against a solid Miami team that is a lock for The Tournament.

So, considering all that, how is Kentucky in the field and Tech on the bubble? Its ridiculous. The Hokies should be in the Big Dance. They play in the best league in the nation, where every road game is a tough one. They just matched the best team in the nation, punch for punch, on a neutral floor. They are playing their best basketball of the season and everyone is healthy. They are deserving of a bid.

So, we spend the day rooting for the Hogs and Badgers and waiting for the selection show. It's going to be a long, suspense-filled day. But, we remain hopeful the committee will do the right thing and we'll see our name in one of those slots.

We'll even really be the Kings of Wishful Thinking and hope Tech gets sent to Omaha or Little Rock so we can be in attendance next week.

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