Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New Uniforms for Tech?

Coach Beamer hinted during a BeamerBall.com chat recently that the Hokies uniforms could be tweaked for the upcoming season. That means two things. First, I need to wait until they come out before buying the replacement for my Brandon Flowers jersey. Also, it means Tech has the opportunity to do something that I thought should have been done when they last switched uniforms in 2004.

Go throwback, baby.

Tech's current uniform combinations are maroon/white and maroon/maroon at home and white/maroon and white/white on the road:

Current uniforms

I like the current jerseys. I think they look pretty sleek, but I can't stand the maroon/maroon combinations. I just don't think having the jerseys and pants match in the home uniforms looks good at all. But the maroon/white combo is solid.

The white/white option on the road looks awesome, especially at night. Of the regular uniforms Tech has had in my lifetime, the current ones are the best. But instead of adding more
Nike tweaks and piping, why not go back to the best uniforms tech has worn: The ones they had in the 60s.

Suggs and Randall, looking good

Tech has donned the throwbacks twice, but not since the uniform change in 2004. The Hokies wore maroon throwback jerseys and white pants at home vs. UVa on Nov. 17, 2001 and beat the 'Hoos, 31-7. They wore white throwback jerseys and white pants on the road vs. Temple on Nov. 15, 2003 and needed overtime to beat the Owls, 24-23.

I think going back to the old jerseys would help make Tech stand out. Too many teams, even Michigan, have let Nike mess with their identity and turned their jerseys into a Matisse painting. It works for Miami. It doesn't work for Tech. The Hokies identity is all about hard-nosed, hit-'em-in-the-mouth football.

The throwbacks would reflect that. As much as I don't like USC, right now they have the best looking uniforms in college football. They went old school in their last uniform change and they look excellent.

Tech should do the same by turning back the clock. It should go against the current trend of letting Nike do things like this...

An example of what not to do

...and instead get back to its roots. Nothing says "Lunch Pail" like the throwbacks.

Of course, we could just go with the jerseys we're undefeated in:

We're a perfect 1-0 in these

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