Monday, June 9, 2008

All-Beamer Team: Defense Nominees

The idea for the All-Beamer Team was blatantly stolen from Simply, it's the best players at Tech since Frank Beamer became head coach in 1987. Here are the nominees on defense. If you have an opinion on who should be named to the All-Beamer Team, fire away in the comments or E-mail me.

Defensive End (2)
The Hokies have always had good defensive ends. However, only recently have they had success in the NFL. Corey Moore was beast as a defensive end in college, but was undersized in the NFL. Moore is almost assured of one of the two spots on our All-Beamer Team.
- Chris Ellis
- Darryl Tapp
- Jim Davis
- Corey Moore
- John Engelberger

Defensive Tackle (2)
It's an often over-looked position on the football field, but defensive tackle is especially important to the Hokies, who focus on taking away the oppositions ability to run the ball.
- Carlton Powell
- David Pugh
- Chad Beasley
- Carl Bradley
- J.C. Price

Linebacker (3)
No shortage of great Hokies to choose from at the linebacker spot. This will be the hardest call to make on the defensive side.
- Xavier Adibi
- Vince Hall
- Ben Taylor
- Michael Hawkes
- Cornell Brown
- Jock Jones

Cornerback (2)
Another tough call. There's a lot of NFL experience on this list and a lot of great shut-down corners. And if this list were being compiled next year, you could probably add Macho Harris to it.
- Brandon Flowers
- Jimmy Williams
- DeAngelo Hall
- Ike Charlton
- Antonio Banks
- Tyrone Drakeford

Safety and Rover (2)
The most important position on Bud Foster's defense. The guys who call the formations and audibles and are an extension of Foster on the field. These guys were not just important on defense, but also on special teams.
- Aaron Rouse
- Willie Pile
- Keion Carpenter
- Pierson Prioleau
- Torrian Gray

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