Sunday, June 22, 2008

Are these Tech's new jerseys?

Our friend Clark posts over at what he believes the Hokies' new uniforms will look like:

If Clark's the one posting these images, this is probably close to what they're actually going to be. Yikes. These are going to have to grow on me. It looks like they took the infamous one orange sleeve jerseys from 2005 and applied them to both sleeves. I'm not sure how good that's going to look on the field.

I'm disappointed to see the orange collars go, but I like that there's a lot less piping. Also gone are pant stripes, which I'm also not a fan of. It means the maroon jersey/white pant combo won't look very good, and that's the home look I prefer. I'm not a fan of wearing all maroon.

On the flip side, I think the away unis will look really sharp.

Be sure to check Clark's Web site. I'm sure he'll have more looks at what the unis will look like and photoshopped player photos of what they might look like in action.

UPDATE: It's pretty much official. They're available on Eastbay.

I have to admit, it looks a lot better in real life than on the drawing board. I like the new number font, too.

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szarkajl said...

I've recently commented on this well. I'm not a fan of these really. I think you win over fans (and recruits) with classic, clean looks, or some sort of throwback that looks nice. We don't want to be the next Oregon.