Monday, June 2, 2008

All-Beamer Team: Offense Nominees

The idea for the All-Beamer Team was blatantly stolen from Simply, it's the best players at Tech since Frank Beamer became head coach in 1987. Here are the nominees on offense. If you have an opinion on who should be named to the All-Beamer Team, fire away in the comments or E-mail me.

Quarterback (1)
This may be the easiest pick to make, but they players below not named Vick all played key roles in Tech's success under Beamer. While Furrer never led the Hokies to a bowl, he was a prolific passer. Druckenmiller and Randall were skilled passers who led the Hokies to conference titles. DeShazo was a precursor to Vick and led the Hokies to their first bowl appearance under Beamer.
- Bryan Randall
- Michael Vick
- Jim Druckenmiller
- Maurice DeShazo
- Will Furrer

Running Back (2)
A solid running back is key to Virginia Tech's offense, so this will be the toughest decision to make. Most Tech running backs haven't had great NFL careers, but the names below all had outstanding college careers.
- Branden Ore
- Kevin Jones
- Lee Suggs
- Shyrone Stith
- Ken Oxendine
- Dwayne Thomas
- Vaughn Hebron

Wide Receiver (2)
Three of the players below (Royal, Davis, Still) were known more for their special teams prowess, but were also skilled receivers.
- Eddie Royal
- David Clowney
- Ernest Wilford
- Andre Davis
- Bryan Still
- Antonio Freeman
- Myron Richardson

Tight End (1)
Tight ends aren't always featured as pass catchers in Beamers offense, but the four below were noted exceptions. King looks like he will have a solid NFL career as well.
- Jeff King
- Keith Willis
- Bob Slowikowski
- John Burke

Offensive Line (5)
The Hokies have had a history of having offensive linemen taken in the NFL Draft since Beamer became head coach. Eugene Chung started the tradition by having a long career with the New England Patriots. Duane Brown is the latest, taken in the first round of the 2008 draft by Houston.
- Duane Brown (T)
- Will Montgomery (G)
- Jon Dunn (T)
- Jake Grove (C)
- Dave Kadela (T)
- Keith Short (C)
- Anthony Lambo (G)
- Matt Lehr (C)
- Gennaro DiNapoli (G)
- Jim Pyne (C)
- Eugene Chung (T)

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