Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Future All-Name Teamer Commits to Tech

You won't see a lot of recruiting news on this blog, but this tidbit caught my eye. The fine folks at TechSideline.com are reporting Nubian Peak from Pulaski County (VA) High School has given a verbal commitment to the Hokies.

That's a helluva name. He's a tailback for the Cougars, so the quicker we can get him in the same backfield as Jahre Cheeseman, the quicker the Hokies can have the best-named backfield tandem in the nation.

Looking at his YouTube highlight reel, Peak looks a bit undersized for college football right now, but follows his blocks and changes direction well. He also appears to be a threat as a receiver. Peak also serves as point guard for Pulaski County's hoops team.

Nubia is a region in southern Egypt that used be an independent kingdom. Since it's in the desert, it isn't exactly mountainous. The only Nubian peaks I could find are these pyramids...

...and the ones on the goddess Isis:

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