Monday, June 16, 2008

All-Beamer Team: Special Teams Nominees

The idea for the All-Beamer Team was blatantly stolen from Simply, it's the best players at Tech since Frank Beamer became head coach in 1987. Here are the nominees on special teams. If you have an opinion on who should be named to the All-Beamer Team, fire away in the comments or E-mail me.

Kicker (1)
The two most clutch kickers in Hokie history (Kinzer and Graham) lead this group of nominees.
- Brandon Pace
- Shayne Graham
- Mickey Thomas
- Chris Kinzer

Punter (1)
For almost a decade, the Hokies featured a left-footed punter as Kibble beget
Burns, who beget Schmitt.
- Nic Schmitt
- Vinnie Burns
- Jimmy Kibble
- Robbie Colley

Punt Return (1)
Beamerball has produced some spectacular and game-changing punt returns. This will be a tough call.
- Eddie Royal
- DeAngelo Hall
- Andre Davis
- Antonio Freeman

Kickoff Return (2)
Some often over-looked players on this list. Imoh was a solid running back who was an excellent kickoff return man. Bryan Still is better known for his punt return for touchdown against Texas in the 1995 Sugar Bowl, but was better returning kickoffs.
- Eddie Royal
- Mike Imoh
- Bryan Still
- Jon Jeffries

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