Monday, June 23, 2008

All-Beamer Team: Offense

The concept for the All-Beamer Team was blatantly stolen from It is the best players at each position since Beamer took over in 1987. Three weeks ago, we announced the nominees for the All-Beamer Team on offense. Now, here are our picks:

QB: Michael Vick
Other Nominees: Bryan Randall, Jim Druckenmiller, Maurice DeShazo, Will Furrer
- This was the easiest selection to make. Vick was electrifying and lost only one game as a starter in two years with the Hokies.

RB: Kevin Jones
RB: Lee Suggs

Other Nominees: Branden Ore, Shyrone Stith, Ken Oxendine, Dwayne Thomas, Vaughn Hebron
- Both members of The Untouchables get the nod. Jones was the best running back the Hokies have seen. Suggs was a consistent workhorse for Beamer during his career.

WR: Ernest Wilford
WR: Antonio Freeman

Other Nominees: Eddie Royal, David Clowney, Bryan Still, Myron Richardson
- Wilford was prolific on average teams. He put up big numbers, but will unfortunately be remembered for dropping a two-point conversion against Miami in 2001. Freeman was the first big-time player the Hokies have had in recent NFL history.

TE: Jeff King
Other Nominees: Keith Willis, Bob Slowikowski, John Burke
King was a go-to guy for the offense and developing into a go-to guy for the Carolina Panthers.

T: Eugene Chung
G: Gennaro DiNapoli
C: Jim Pyne
G: Will Montgomery
T: Duane Brown

Other Nominees: Jon Dunn (T), Dave Kadela (T), Anthony Lambo (G), Jake Grove (C), Keith Short (C), Matt Lehr (C)
Chung and Pyne were no-brainers. DiNapoli and Montgomery helped open holes for some of the best runners the Hokies have seen. Brown was a solid protector of Glennon's blind side last year and looks to have a bright future in the NFL.

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