Sunday, June 22, 2008

Three QBs, Three ACC Titles

The last three QBs to win ACC championships will be playing in 2008 in the ACC. FSU's Drew Weatherford beat Tech for the 2005 ACC title, Wake's Riley Skinner beat Georgia Tech for the 2006 title and last year, Tech's Sean Glennon beat BC for the championship.

That's three different quarterbacks with three different teams that have league titles playing in 2008. Off the top of my head, I can't think of that happening in a BCS conference. Last year, the ACC took a lot of flak for the lack of good quarterbacks. The league probably suffered because it didn't have very good quarterbacks.

It may be the exact opposite this year. With those three, as well as Duke's Thaddeus Lewis, Clemson's Cullen Harper and Tech's own Tyrod Taylor, the ACC is full of quality signal callers.

Could this mean a turn-around for the ACC? Everyone is down on the ACC as a league because of its poor performance in bowl games. But trends were made to be reversed. Everyone was down on the Big East because VT, BC and Miami left and the league has had a good three years since. However, now with a bumper crop of quality quarterbacks, maybe this is the year the ACC improves.

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