Saturday, November 29, 2008

Virginia Game Post

Beat france! Leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from furrer4heisman

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Enjoy the holiday and the rest of Hate Week. Unfortunately, I'm on the road and without much Internet access the rest of the week, which means no Best of the Blogs (I know, I'm lazy.). A gameday thread will get posted Saturday morning and I'll be back Monday. Hopefully to preview the ACCCG.

Have fun and Go Hokies. Beat UVa.

Special Thanksgiving Power Poll

1. Candied Yams
2. Pe-can Pie
3. Turkey
4. Stuffing
5. Cranberry Sauce
6. Pumpkin Pie
7. Corn Pudding
8. Gravy
9. Broccoli Casserole
10. Mashed Potatoes
11. Ham
12. Deviled Eggs


- Candied yams or sweet potatoes with little marshmallows are the best. If you think otherwise, you are wrong.

- Pe-can pie is at No. 2 assuming it is served with ice cream.

- I wasn't a fan of cranberry sauce until I got older. Now I love the stuff.

- If you haven't had corn pudding, you have no idea what you're missing.

- Gravy is its own food group in the South, BC guys.

- Ham is for Christmas, turkey is for Thanksgiving. I will not compromise on this.

- Seriously, screw deviled eggs. Disgusting.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What to Watch vs. Virginia

Most stats are from

Noon Game

- I hate Noon games and I'm sure the team does, too. As bad as we've played at times this year, we've been ever worse at Noon. Typically, it's the same for most teams. By the time kickoff comes around, neither the fans nor the teams are completely awake. Expect our effort and the atmosphere to be a lot less than what it is at 3:30 or later.


- No matter how you slice it, no matter what words you use to describe it, our offense is bad. Whether Tyrod Taylor or Sean Glennon is taking snaps, we have had a difficult time moving the ball. The running game has been average and good at times, but we have nothing resembling a passing game.

- Unfortunately for the Hokies, UVa has been pretty good at stopping the run this year. In their last eight games, the Wahoos have held their opponent under four yards per carry. Their last two games have been especially dominant against the run. They held Wake Forest to 2.9 YPC and Clemson to 1.44 YPC.

- Since UConn hung and astonishing five rushing touchdowns against the Wahoos, only one team, Georgia Tech, has had more than one in a game (2). The reason for Virginia's recent losing streak can't be contributed to its defense. Instead, it has been the offense that has failed it.

- The Wahoos run a 3-4 defense, which on the surface would appear to be disadvantageous to stopping a run-first team like the Hokies. However, the 'Hoos have a strong group of linebackers, led by senior Clint Sintim. Hokie fans know Sintim as the guy who took a cheap shot on Glennon when he was taking a knee last year. Watch for Sintim to be involved in just about every tackle for the 'Hoos and for his name to be booed vigorously every time it's said over the PA.

- Virginia's secondary mirrors Virginia Tech's. The 'Hoos have two solid cornerbacks in Vic Hall and Ras-I Dowling, but have not gotten solid play from their safeties this year. Look for the Hokie tight ends to have a good day as there should be room in the middle of the field for them to make catches against the Wahoo safeties and linebackers.

- However, this game will as always, come down to Virginia Tech's rushing production against Al Groh's 3-4 defense. The 'Hoos have done well recently against the run, but the Hokies have been producing on the ground of late. The battle between the Hokie offensive line and the Wahoo front seven will decide this game.

- Who will quarterback the Hokies on Saturday is not nearly as important as how they quarterback. I don't care if it's Tyrod or Glennon out there as long as they keep from turning the ball over and wasting good field position and good drives.


- Marc Verica reminds me a little bit of Sean Glennon. Very rarely will he do anything to cost you the game, but you can't expect to put the game on his shoulders. He does a very good job of managing the offense for the Wahoos. However, their offense begins and ends with running back Cedric Peerman.

- Peerman was carrying the team during its four-game win streak, but has been shut down during the three-game losing streak. He went over 100 yards in three of the four wins. But in his last three games has had 166 yards on 46 carries (3.61 YPC) and no touchdowns. He had six rushing touchdowns during the winning streak.

- The Hokie defense has been strong against the run all year and is allowing an ACC-low 3.03 YPC in conference games. Should the Hokies shut down Peerman, they will shut down the UVa offense.

- In their five wins, the Wahoos average over 135 yards per game on the ground. That number dips all the way to 51.5 yards per game in their six losses, lowest in the ACC.

- When the Wahoos do throw the ball, they have two solid options in wide receiver Kevin Ogletree and under-utilized tight end John Phillips. Phillips is the latest in a long line of good Wahoo tight ends, but probably doesn't get the ball enough. Ogletree is a reliable, consistent receiver who is one year removed from injury.

- As with all drop-back quarterbacks, the key to stopping Verica is to pressure him and force him into bad decisions. However, Virginia has allowed the fewest sacks in the league this year with 13, nine in conference play. It will be tough for the Hokies to apply pressure to Verica, particularly from his left side, which is protected by tackle Eugene Monroe.

- In their five wins, the Wahoos have allowed only four sacks. They have allowed nine sacks in their six losses.


- As a Hokie fan, I can't pick UVa to win this game. But as I said earlier in the week, I'm worried. Not because I think UVa is a good team. Because Georgia Tech is the team that deserves to represent the Coastal in the ACCCG and I don't think the college football gods will allow Bryan Stinespring and his offense to win the division. It's a Karma thing. I'm sure I could devote an entire post to Bryan Stinespring as an ethos instead of as an offensive coordinator, but I'd rather enjoy my Thanksgiving instead of spending too much time thinking about what we call an offense.

Watch the Box Score for:

1. VT rushing yards
2. UVa rushing yards
3. Field Position
4. Turnovers

VT Players to Watch:

32 - Darren Evans, So., RB
70 - Sergio Render, Jr., OG
95 - Taco Thompson, Jr., DT
33 - Brett Warren, Sr., LB

UVa Players to Watch:

37 - Cedric Peerman, Sr., RB
6 - Marc Verica, So., QB
51 - Clint Sintim, Sr., LB
54 - Jon Copper, Sr., LB

Final Score: Virginia Tech 17, Virginia 13

Q&A with From Old Virginia

After a week away, the Q&A is back. The Duke bloggers I tried to contact last week never responded. But Brendan of From Old Virginia was quick to get back to me for a Q&A this week leading up to the showdown with the 'Hoos.

Click here for my answers to his questions.

Q: Give us a quick assessment of Marc Verica. He seems like a decent manager of the game but not a guy who will win games for you. What kind of quarterback is he?

When Verica's on, he's actually tremendously accurate. Like, Matt Schaub accurate. During our winning streak this season, he couldn't miss, and he's very composed in the pocket. But, sophomore. He's prone to the throw that makes the fans wonder what the hell he was thinking. His interceptions come in bunches - ask Duke and Clemson about those. This year he is indeed being asked to be a game manager and make sure Cedric Peerman gets the ball (or he would if Mike Groh were smart) but he's got the arm and the smarts to be a very, very good quarterback as soon as his decision-making improves.

Q: Your rush defense against conference opponents is actually better by rank this year compared to last. How can you explain this after all the talent you lost on defense last year?

Chris Long's and Jeffrey Fitzgerald's main talents were in the pass rush, particularly Fitzgerald - Long was a pretty good run stopper. But we have high hopes for Matt Conrath, who's stepped into Long's spot nicely. The main thing, though, is having three senior linebackers - Copper, Appleby, and of course, Clint Sintim. They've got the scheme down cold. It doesn't take a lot of talent to be a run-stuffing lineman in the 3-4 - just strength enough to occupy the offensive line while the linebackers make the plays.

Q: The 'Hoos run a 3-4, which on paper isn't condusive to stopping a run-first team like the Hokies. What players on defense need to have good games for you to continue to have success against the run?

A: To stop the run from the 3-4, the linemen occupy the linemen, hopefully drawing at least one double-team, and the linebackers make the plays. See above. The middle linebackers especially (Appleby and Copper) have to diagnose the play correctly and move up, shed whatever block, and make the tackle. On runs to the outside, the focus shifts to the OLB's, one of whom is often in a three point stance as another DE. Usually that's Sintim, in which case it's your blockers that need to be on their game, otherwise Sintim (who consistently destroys single-teams) will shut that side down.

Q: Who's a worse offensive coordinator: Mike Groh or Bryan Stinespring?

A: Let's just say that something other than family connections keeps Stinespring in a job - maybe it's hidden competence. Mikey would have been fired already if he didn't share DNA with the head coach.

Q: What are the odds Al Groh is back as head coach next year for UVa?

A: Excellent. Littlepage has already given the vote of confidence, and I believe he means it, not least because Groh has a pretty sizable buyout.

Q: Do you consider the Hokies to be UVa's primary rival? Why or why not?

Absolutely. We play you at the end of the year. You're in-state. That's as big as it gets. The only other rivalries are UNC, which not all 'Hoos agree to hate and is a relatively gentlemanly sort of rivalry. See, it's like this:

UVA fan: Cheerio, old bean, and how is Chapel Hill in the summer?
UNC fan: Oh, splendid, and say, I do hope our boys beat you next fall.

There's also Maryland, who we do all agree to hate, but they're a more recent thing, and we have pretty specific reasons to hate them. (Fans, and their president's idiotic comments from a few years ago.) This goes more like:

Md. fan: #$%(@!!!!!
UVA fan: Hey, I got my kids here, calm down.
Md. fan: &$@*%# you @*$($*@)!!!!
UVA fan: They're seven years old, give it a rest!
Md. fan: (throws beer, takes a swing)

So they started it. But we hate VPISU just because. I don't know what the gameday interaction between 'Hoos and Hokies is like, because we mainly just glared at each other with looks of infinite hatred and the Hokies were too busy jingling keys anyway.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let's Do Some Lines: Week 14

Last regular season picks of the year. Lines are from Doc Sports. My picks are in bold.

Miami -1.5 at NC State
- Yeah, I'm on the bandwagon.
Georgia Tech +8 at Georgia
- Should be fun to watch.
Virginia +8 at Virginia Tech
- You didn't think I'd bet on the 'Hoos, did you?
South Carolina +1.5 at Clemson
- Dabo gets bowl eligible.
Maryland +7 at Boston College
- Good Chris Crane, Bad Chris Crane and now No Chris Crane.
North Carolina -8.5 at Duke
- Won't be in the vicinity of close.
Vanderbilt +4 at Wake Forest
- Vandy continues to limp home.
Florida -16.5 at Florida State
- Bobby would rather beat Florida than win the ACC. He won't do either.

Other Teams I Like:

Oklahoma State +7 vs. Oklahoma
- Always a barn-burner in Stilly.
Auburn +14.5 at Alabama
- Always root for chaos.
Southern Miss -13.5 at SMU
- Eagles have been soaring.
Cincinnati -22 vs. Syracuse
- 'Cuse blew its load last week.
Ball State -11 vs. Western Michigan
- Fine, I'll bet on Ball State.

How I Did Last Week Against the Spread:

ACC: 3-3
Correct: NCSU, Clemson, Duke
Wrong: Miami, Wake, FSU
Nation: 0-5 (Impressive.)
Correct: None
Wrong: Air Force, Houston, Washington, Texas Tech, UConn

Year to Date:

ACC: 40-31-1
Nation: 33-30
Total: 73-61-1

Virginia Game Guide

Virginia Tech vs. Virginia

Time: Noon
Date: Saturday, Nov. 29, 2008
Place: Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, Va.

Last Meeting: Virginia Tech beat Virginia for the fourth consecutive time and the eighth time in the last nine meetings to capture the Commonwealth Cup and the ACC Coastal title...Branden Ore ran for 147 yards and Tyrod Taylor had two rushing touchdowns to lead the Hokies to a 33-21 win...the Hokies out-gained the Wahoos, 430-241.

Trends: The Hokies have won eight of their last nine meetings with the Wahoos, including the last four...Virginia Tech has won the last four meetings in Blacksburg, with its last home loss coming in 1998...Tech has won 15 of its last 16 home games...the Wahoos have lost three consecutive games.

What to Expect: Two anemic offenses. I don't think there will be a lot of points scored on Saturday. Expect a score similar to UVa's 13-3 loss to Clemson or Virginia Tech's 14-3 win over Duke.

Obviously, in tight ballgames, the kicking game and field position will be important. The Hokies have a solid kicker and punter in Dustin Keys and Brent Bowden. If they both have good games, it will be a good day for Tech.

Both teams will try to control the line of scrimmage through the run game. UVa has a good running back in Cedric Peerman, but he struggled to find running lanes against Clemson.

The Wahoos are just as good at stopping the run game as the Hokies. Their defense has finally come together late in the season. However, they have given up big plays at inopportune times during the current losing streak.

The Hokies have played well on defense their last three games and I expect them to again this week. The question will be finding enough points to beat the Wahoos. First team to 20 wins.

As for the Hokies quarterback situation, who knows? Tyrod will probably start. But I wouldn't be surprised if Glennon gets called into duty at some point during the game.

Hokies win if: They are solid on defense and the kicking game and take advantage of good field position on offense.

'Hoos win if: They avoid giving up big plays on defense and get a good performance from Peerman.

Dot-dot-dots: A win would give the Hokies their third division title in the four years since the ACC split into two divisions in 2005...since 2000, the Commonwealth Cup game has been played the weekend after Thanksgiving seven of nine years...Jarrett Boykin's touchdown catch in the second quarter last week was the first touchdown for a Hokie wide receiver this season...running back Darren Evans is averaging 121.8 yards per game at home and 56.0 yards per game on the road.

CRuhland's france Desktop

Clark goes with classic Hokie Stone for this week's desktop. Click here to go download it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Public Enemy No. 1

As we all know, Thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia france, thus guaranteeing himself the title of "Worst Human Ever". But there are so many more reasons to hate this man.

Other Reasons to Hate TJ

- Notoriously bad tipper.
- Had George Clinton as Vice President but refused to appoint any members of Parliament Funkadelic to cabinet positions.
- Invented rape.
- On the $2 bill, the most pretentious of American currency.
- Never once gave a "courtesy wave" to a motorist who allowed him to cut into an exit lane in traffic.
- Routinely drank the last of the water from the purifier and placed the empty pitcher back in the refrigerator without filling it up.

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

Week 14 ACC Preview

Week 14

Nov. 29
Miami at NC State, Noon on Raycom
Georgia Tech at Georgia, Noon on CBS
South Carolina at Clemson, Noon on ESPN2
Virginia at Virginia Tech, Noon on ESPN
Florida at Florida State, 3:30 p.m. on ABC/ESPN2
Maryland at Boston College, 3:30 p.m. on ABC/ESPN2
North Carolina at Duke, 3:30 p.m. on ESPNU
Vanderbilt at Wake Forest, 7 p.m. on ESPNU

No need for the ACC Handicapping post this week. Everything's 50-50. Two coinflip games will decide the participants in the ACCCG the first weekend of December. There are also plenty of inter-conference braggin' rights on the line this weekend.

If you're a fan of chaos, you've already won. Just enjoy the turkey and the oblong.

Miami at NC State

Miami no longer has anything to play for after getting pummeled by Georgia Tech Thursday and then watching chaos ensue Saturday. NC State on the other hand would be bowl eligible with a win over the 'Canes.

Both teams did much better this season than many thought they would. And NC State, with Russell Wilson at quarterback, is suddenly the most dangerous team in the league.

Georgia Tech at Georgia

At the beginning of the year, no one would have given Georgia Tech a shot against the Bulldogs. However, the Jackets are on fire and the Dawgs are limping toward the finish line.

With Dwyer and Moreno, this will be a fun game to keep an eye on. Paul Johnson is probably already the ACC coach of the year. A win against the Dawgs to give him nine regular season wins could put him in the conversation for national coach of the year.

South Carolina at Clemson

If Clemson wins, it's bowl eligible. The offense is still not exactly a well-oiled machine, but the defense played well against Virginia.

This one could get ugly. As pumped up as we saw Dabo for his first game as head coach, I wonder what he'll be like for what could potentially be his last.

Virginia at Virginia Tech

If Tech wins, it goes to Tampa. If france wins, Georgia Tech wins the Coastal.

Both offenses are anemic at best. A big play on defense could change the look of this game in a heartbeat. I like Tech's playmakers on defense, but fear france's ability to stop the run.

Florida at Florida State

Florida still has national title aspirations. The Seminoles have look terrible one week and great the next. I expect we'll get somewhere in the middle from them for this game. Florida will win, but it won't be the blowout we thought it would be before the season started.

Maryland at Boston College

If BC wins, the Eagles go to Tampa. A win by the Terps sends FSU in the ACCCG.

The Terps had a home game with a chance to retake control of the division and got owned. This of course means they'll play well this weekend in Chestnut Hill. The Eagles will be without QB Chris Crane, but will still have the services of the best defense in the conference.

North Carolina at Duke

UNC can't make Tampa and Duke can't make a bowl. Duke was about as bad as it could have been against Virginia Tech. Expect UNC to roll.

Vanderbilt at Wake Forest

The Deacs need a win to get back on track and get a win over an SEC school for the ACC. Vandy is already going bowling, so both teams are simply trying to improve what bowl they are headed to.

I Hate UVa

OK, OK. It's not so much that I hate france. It's that its very existence offends me.

The very thought of them and their fan base just bugs the hell out of me. Everything about Charlottesville, "The Grounds" (what, are you serving coffee?), referring to themselves by year, the way they dress, their pretentiousness and their holier-than-thou attitude when it comes to academics (the hardest part about graduating form france is getting into france) really makes my blood boil.

france isn't a school. It's a state of mind. It's a way of life I can't tolerate and can't condone. I abhor snobbery and pretentiousness and france and its fan base just oozes it.

Yes, I understand that not every france fan is like that and many of them are actually quality human beings that aren't red and scaly with a bifurcated tail and a pitch fork. But stereotypes are what make rivalries fun, so for the purpose of this post, every france fan and graduate is a douchebag.

So let Hate Week begin. Yes, I'll take a break on Thursday for the whole Giving-of-Thanks thing, but for every other moment, I'll be loathing france with every fiber of my being. These are two schools that couldn't be any more different and it will probably get ugly at times. But that's why college football, especially rivalry games are so great. They take usually normal, upstanding people and turn them into madmen.

Embrace the hate, wallow in the hate. Beat france.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hokies O Still Disappointing

When I was just a little furrer4heisman, I got in trouble a lot. I've always had a problem with authority and would always question it and do things that would lead to me getting punished.

My parents weren't strict, but when I did go beyond the boundaries that were set for me, punishment was often harsh. This was before kids were simply put in timeout. I'm not saying parents shouldn't hit their kids (they should). It helped me mature and helped me figure out what I had to do to be a decent member of society.

But no matter what punishment they laid out, none was worse than hearing one of them say, "I'm not angry, I'm just disappointed." That stung the worst because it was almost as if they'd given up. As if they knew going in that I was going to screw up. Nothing feels as bad as disappointing someone who loves you.

So as I was tailgating at the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game Saturday and the Hokies continued to fail to score against the Blue Devils, I really wasn't that angry. Hell, honestly I wasn't even shocked. On Thursday I predicted a 16-3 win. So when "Duke 3, Virginia Tech 14 F" scrolled on the ribbon board at the OU-TT game, I really wasn't that mad. I was relieved we had won and were still alive in the Coastal.

The Hokie offense can no longer upset. It no longer makes me throw appliances, punch walls or make we want to kill small, defenseless woodland creatures. But Goddamn is it disappointing.

At this point, the only reason a loss this Saturday would make me angry is because it would come against france. I can't stand that school, that town, that team or those pretentious ass hole fans. I don't want to just beat france, I want to annihilate them. I want to clinch the division, keep them from bowling and continue our ownership of their football program.

But the fact is, we don't deserve to go to Tampa Bay. Georgia Tech does. And that's why I'm worried about Saturday's game. We suck audibly in Noon games and justice is usually done in college football. The team that deserves titles the most typically gets them. And that's why I'm not sure about the france game. The Gods of College Football just won't allow Bryan Stinespring and this offense to go to Tampa Bay.

If we lose, missing out on the ACCCG won't upset me. But losing to france will. If we lost to any other team, I would just be disappointed. But losing to france would infuriate me.

Week 13 ACC Power Poll

Two games left to decide the participants in Tampa.

Week 13
1. Georgia Tech
2. Boston College
3. Florida State
4. Miami
5. NC State
6. Virginia Tech
7. Maryland
8. North Carolina
9. Virginia
10. Clemson
11. Wake Forest
12. Duke


- Georgia Tech jumps BC b/c Crane is out. The Eagles got an impressive road win but lost their quarterback.

- NC State is playing as well as any team in the league right now.

- Four of the six games this week in the league were won by the road team.

- The Hokies won, but they lost. The Duke game was embarrassing.

- No matter what happens, the ACCCG will be a rematch.

Week 14 Schedule

Nov. 29
Miami at NC State, Noon on Raycom
Georgia Tech at Georgia, Noon on CBS
South Carolina at Clemson, Noon on ESPN2
Virginia at Virginia Tech, Noon on ESPN
Florida at Florida State, 3:30 p.m. on ABC/ESPN2
Maryland at Boston College, 3:30 p.m. on ABC/ESPN2
North Carolina at Duke, 3:30 p.m. on ESPNU
Vanderbilt at Wake Forest, 7 p.m. on ESPNU

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Duke Game Post

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments. I'll be tailgating and going to the OU-Texas Tech game tonight, so you'll get nothing from me today. However, the game's on ESPNU which means I can DVR it.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hokie fans: Be sure to watch GameDay


You may want to check out GameDay Saturday morning from Norman. If all goes well, I'll have a surprise that will make you proud.


UPDATE: GameDay wouldn't let any flag poles into the area, other the two guys with Wazzu flags because they've been going for so many years. I was more than a little pissed. The plan was to fly the flag of the Commonwealth and the VT flag. But, I was told at the gate the flag pole couldn't come in. Fascists.

ACC Best of the Blogs: Week 12


BC All Access: Importance of the Wake/Maryland game
"If we win the Atlantic this year, I feel like it will be different. There is no one superstar on this team that people can say 'that's why they are going to the ACC championship'. No, instead this year if we make it people might actually realize that we do have a great program and a great coaching staff to go along with it. We will no longer be flukes but rather one of the better ACC teams who always have a shot at the title. Respect level should in turn rise among colleges and press around the nation as well as high-school athletes who are recruited by us."

BC Interruption: Over/Under: BC-Wake Forest
"Brian: This is a tough question. While I am optimistic, I also have some reservations about these last two games. The Wake Forest game is always interesting and Jim Grobe's offenses always seem to give the Eagles fits. Maryland has been playing well but I'm a bit more confident about that game as the Eagles will enjoy the home field advantage. I will agree with you Jeff and go over, although I'm not going to go out and buy a non-refundable plane ticket to Tampa just yet."

Eagle in Atlanta: BC-Wake Forest preview
"Although I dread playing them every year, I am glad Wake Forest continues to have success in the ACC. They remain the counterargument to any media member, fan or supposed expert who says BC’s limitations will keep us from winning championships. Now this is college football and the limitations will keep both schools from being No. 1 year after year, but Wake Forest won the conference two years ago. When we line up this Saturday, we should look across the field and realize that we can do it this year."


Block-C: Arp arp arp creepy arp arp arp
"I’ve stood by my opinion that Georgia has the creepiest, most obnoxious, ignorant, mouthbreathing fans in the nation, and sites like DON’T GO DAWGS don’t serve to refute that argument."

Sporting Gnomes: That’s one more off the list
"I’ve compiled, as best I can (anyone got the defensive stats for Valdosta State for 2000? Or any national stats pre-2000?) a rough metric of the defenses Will Muschamp has been in charge of. As I had suspected, his defenses have been pretty good. Also as I suspected, the defenses were pretty good before and/or after he left. That doesn’t automatically mean he’s a bad defensive coordinator, but it does mean that is difficult to differentiate his performance from that of the people with which he surrounds himself."


Scalp 'Em: Will The Bad Economy Mean A Quicker End For Bobby Bowden?
"So how will this affect Bobby Bowden? Well, I’ve often heard that one of the main reasons for keeping Bobby Bowden around, despite his advancing age, a continuous barrage of personnel infractions, and a diminished national stature was that Bowden could bring in the dollars. My opinions was that Bowden’s legacy and his persona as the face of Florida State Football have been invaluable in getting people to open up their wallets, even when the team’s record was less than stellar. Bowden has been a money making machine the athletic department could not afford to give up."

Tomahawk Nation: Bowden pre-game speech
"I can't have more respect for what Coach Bowden has done for the program. But I find this video to be the equivalent of that clip when Nancy Reagan is whispering the right answers to then-President Reagan late in his second term."


The Legacyx4: A Georgia Tech/ Miami Conversation with Gobbler Country
"Yesterday during Miami's whoopin', Furrer4heisman, from Gobbler Country and I traded text messages. The conversation was so ridiculous, I had to share it:" (Ed.: What, you thought I would go with any other post?)

Mash on the Gas: Space Station Flyover!
"Georgia Tech has three grads on the Shuttle Endeavor and the International Space Station who will make an appearance at tonight's game. Col. Eric Boe and Lt. Col. Robert "Shane" Kimbrough both grew up in the Atlanta area and have Master's degrees from Tech. Also on board will be Sandra Magnus, who received a Doctorate from Tech."


Turtle Waxing: Terps set up showdown with FSU
"In another monsoon, like the game against NC State a few weeks earlier, the Terps were able to keep the ground game moving the chains and relied on QB Chris Turner to make the critical throws when needed. In contrast North Carolina's Cam Sexton had little support from the Carolina ground game and was forced to convert third and long downs in the worst weather conditions. Sexton certainly struggled with his accuracy but when your QB is facing third and nine yards or more in eight of your eleven third downs in those conditions you're not going to be successful."


All Canes: 41-23 : U got Wrecked...
"The defense looked lost the entire game. Misdirection had the Canes' front seven out of place and zigging when they needed to zag. Godforbid Miami found the backfield and had a shot at stuffing the opposition, players failed to wrap up. On occasion two or three defenders had a shot at a Tech running back, whiffed and turned a two-yard loss into a forty-yard gain."

Hall of Canes: Humiliating defeat
"Tech's triple option looked deadly vs. Miami's young defense. The Canes allowed 471 rushing yards - the second most in school history. The record was set by Auburn in 1944. Georgia Tech could have had more yards had their star fullback not been injured fairly early in the game. Tech pretty much took it easy on the Canes in the fourth quarter."


Carolina March: Maryland 17, UNC 15
"It was a crap football game, played in the rain, at a miserable stadium in a miserable town among miserable people subjected to an endless barrage of the same two cuts off whatever miserable Jock Jams CD the Maryland AV Club dug out of a bargain bin. It was a crap football game in which UNC, with a chance to accept clear control over the Coastal Division instead, for the third time this season, not show up for the second half and give it away. It was a crap football game that was painful to watch and I am all the worse for being subjected to it."

Tar Heel Fan: Tudor: Start Sexton
"I understand where Tudor is coming from. His argument is that Sexton deserves a 2nd chance, really has had only one bad game that he can be totally blamed for and his commitment to the program should be rewarded with some grace after last week. The problem with that is Butch Davis does not really have time to make people comfortable. Davis has said more times than I can count that he will play the players who give the team it’s best chance to win the game. That is exactly the approach he should take and issues of a player staying with the program or whether this guy or that is not to be blamed for a certain loss is all poppycock. The only conclusion Tudor offered above that bears any relevance on the criteria set by Davis is Sexton’s home record which is unblemished. Aside from that, whatever happens in practice will give the UNC head coach the information he needs to deploy the best option at QB for UNC on Saturday."

Tar Heel Mania: You’d Be Amazed At The Things People Write When They’re Mad
"The UNC-Maryland game was played during a storm that, just 12 hours and a few hundred miles earlier, produced tornadoes. It was played either in driving rain or in a green slip-n-slide. These are conditions that are, by nature, not conducive to a passing game. John Shoop decides to run more pass plays than run plays. When UNC did run the ball they only got 71 total yards. And somehow this is all the fault of a quarterback who, to that point, was a 5-1 starter with 8 touchdowns and 3 interceptions."


Section Six: The Wilson Effect
"With a healthy and increasingly comfortable Russell Wilson under center, the offense has made significant strides, averaging an additional yard per snap over the second half of the schedule. In addition to throwing the ball well, Wilson's done more damage running the football; along with a more cohesive offensive line, that's helped the Wolfpack establish a consistent running game."

StateFans Nation: Quarterbacks take center stage for State-Carolina
"I may be proven completely wrong…but, I don’t think there is really any drama in this ‘decision’. I also don’t think it makes one ounce of difference to NC State since Carolina’s offense doesn’t change much regardless of who is under center."

Yet another...: Remember folks... we are NOT their rivals
"The obvious response would be a painting of the Old Well, which occurred last year, but the Heels stepped up and organized a protection squad/rally to keep it from getting painted again this year (taken from the monkey boards):"


From Old Virginia: Two roundtables for the price of one
"The votes are in, we have a winner, and it's unanimous: the bloggers like parity. Gives us something to write about, and something more interesting to bitch about than "goddammit FSU won again.""

Good Ol' Blog: One Game at a Time
"Speaking of circling the drain, Clemson, the preseason favorite to win the ACC, managed to lose its head coach (finally) and most of its games this year. Rather than tuning up for the ACC championship game in the home stretch, the Tigers currently are further in the hole in terms of bowl eligibility than UVa. Clemson must beat the Hoos on the road and then beat their currently ranked in-state rival South Carolina to get to 6 qualifying wins (Clemson has two victories against FCS teams, and only one of those counts toward bowl eligibility)."


Beer Control Offense:
CFB Week 13 Television Viewing Guide
"A young team that doesn't play that well on the road, save Nebraska is now home ... For at least 2 more games. That alone should be a win. Doook is better than they have been since the ole ball coach walked the sidelines, so they aren't chopped liver and tech's shitty O keeps EVERY team they play in the games. A nite game helps, sauced fans equals juiced players."

College Game Balls: Because the ACC Coastal is too Complicated to Figure Out
"Here is a chart detailing every scenario for the ACC Coastal. See Chris Fowler its not that complicated…"

Fire Bryan Stinespring: And So We're Still In This Thing...
"I'm a child of the 90's. Flannel. Bad hair. Bad attitudes. Three power cords, repeated ad infinitum. Good times. So who better than Eddie Vedder to explain my current feelings on our situation?"

Tailgate Fever: Runnin’ With The Devil
"It is implausible that we just don't have any talent on offense year after year after year after year. And all the excuses such as we are young, we've had injuries, we are just one block away, don't cut it. The fact is he is in charge of this offense, and this offense sucks. And it has for a long time through multiple offensive lines, multiple quarterbacks, multiple running backs, and the best receiving corps to ever play at Tech. The only solution is wholesale change on offense. We consider ourselves to be great fans who believe tailgating, fun, sportsmanship, and a dozen other great things about the college game are more important than winning, but there is no way around this simple fact any more. And he shouldn’t even be fired.....he should resign. (Trust us Coach Beamer, we hate saying it almost as much as you hate hearing it, so please don’t yell at us.)"

Tech Sideline: Your FREE-view Duke preview and Top-10!
"The classic MB mantra of “focus”. Duke has improved, to their credit, and Head Coach David Cutcliffe could be on his way to becoming a hot commodity in the D-1 coaching ranks if he’s not careful. Duke also (now) has several guys who could start for us/VT. But they are still Duke, the ACC’s football doormat. Though I want to believe. their increased defensive talent level and effectual coaching staff could possibly catch a VT football team sleeping; should we forget to set our O&M alarm for 5:30pm."

Tech SuperFans: Duke Preview
"Lets face it folks, these guys are high powered, but other than Georgia Tech these guys really have not faced a defense worth spitting at. And Georgia Tech shut-em down completely. [One might argue, what about Miami? They put up 31 on their defense. My response, see last night's Georgia Tech-Miami game.] Bud Foster's defense should have no trouble with these guys."

VT Fan: The Hokies and The ACC Championship Game
"So despite all our despair over the current Hokie difficiencies and struggles, its youth, and its 109th ranked offense, its not at all out of the realm of possibility that the Hokies will be playing in Tampa come December 6th. Who they will play, is a whole other post that I really don’t care to write."

What to Watch vs. Duke

The Team

There have been a lot of distractions for the Hokies since they lost at Miami. Our embattled offensive coordinator became more embattled. Our defensive coordinator appears to be coaching in his final games in orange and maroon. The offensive and defensive units appear to be feuding. I think the stress of this season may be taking its toll on Beamer, the coaching staff and even the players.

But then Georgia Tech beat Miami.

It should be different now. None of the crap from the last eight days should matter anymore. If we win two games at home against two teams we fare well against we will win the division and be one win away from the Orange Bowl. This should be a motivated football team that comes out for a night game at Lane Stadium Saturday.



Duke actually has some talent on the defensive side of the ball. I love the way defensive tackle Vince Oghobaase and linebacker Michael Tauiliili play. They have helped Duke improve at stopping the run. Last year, the Devils were No. 11 in the ACC in YPC allowed with 4.3. This year, that number has been lowered to 3.8, good enough to have them at No. 7 in the ACC.

It's an improvement. While the Hokies should be able to find success on the ground, I think it won't be the kind of success we are used to against Duke. We will have to throw the ball to beat the Devils.

Fortunately for the Hokies, Duke is terrible at defending the pass. It allows an ACC-worst 7.9 YPA. That number is slightly higher than the 7.8 YPA the Devils allowed last season, also worst in the conference.

Both cornerbacks for the Blue Devils are seniors, which just means its the same sorry players they've been trotting out at corner the last couple years. They should be push-overs. I think this is the game the receivers finally get a TD catch.

The Duke linebackers are good enough to limit the catches Greg Boone and the rest of the tight ends will get. It will just be up to the offensive line to give the quarterbacks enough time to find open receivers.

Duke is getting two sacks per game, which is in the middle of the pack in the ACC. However, the Hokies are giving up the most sacks per game in the ACC, both overall and in conference games. Tech has surrendered 28 sacks this year, including an astounding 19 in six league games.

And that's while using a mobile quarterback for all but one of the games.

Needless to say, that's a key stat that needs to improve for the Hokies to win out and go to Tampa.

I think the Hokies will struggle to put points on the board against Duke. Yes we'll be able to move the ball, but I'm not sure it will lead to a lot of points. The Blue Devils have been decent in the red zone this year. This could be another Dustin Keys special.


The Hokies have been relentless at getting to the quarterback this year. Tech has the most sacks in league games with 19 (3.17 per game). It will face a Duke team that prepares to play without starting quarterback Thaddeus Lewis. While Lewis is not the most mobile of quarterbacks, he is able to avoid pressure. Duke has allowed 11 sacks in six conference games.

Zack Asack looks to be the man under center for the Devils. Simply, the they will not be a good football team if Lewis isn't the quarterback. He is one of the primary reasons Duke has improved this year. He has avoided the costly interceptions that have plagued the Duke offense in years past. Without him, it will be open season for the Hokie front four as well as the secondary.

Duke's best offensive player is wide receiver Eron Riley, who at 6-3 poses a matchup problem for every VT defensive back not named Kam. However, without an semblance of a rushing game and without Lewis, Riley will be a non-factor. I think Duke will be lucky to score points if the defense is motivated and plays to its potential.

I think the defense will get sacks and picks against the Zack Attack. Those may need to lead directly to points if the Hokies want to put away the Devils, who at times have been pesky this year.

I don't want to see Jason Worilds play unless we absolutely need him on Saturday. He's banged up and there's no need to risk further injury to his shoulder against Duke. We will need him against the Wahoos.

Check the Box Score For:

1. Turnovers
2. VT passing yards
3. Duke rushing yards
4. Sacks (both teams)

VT Players to Watch:

5 - Tyrod Taylor, So., QB
81 - Jarrett Boykin, Fr., WR
90 - Orion Martin, Sr., DE
17 - Kam Chancellor, Jr., FS

Duke Players to Watch:

15 - Eron Riley, Sr., WR
74 - Cameron Goldberg, Sr., LT
3 - Vince Oghobaase, Jr., DT
34 - Michael Tauiliili, Sr., LB

Final Score: Virginia Tech 16, Duke 3

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanks, Jackets!

Snoopy dance!

Your pilot has officially turned on the "No Fucking Around" sign.

Georgia Tech beat Miami tonight, once again giving the Hokies control of their own destiny. If we beat Duke and the Wahoos, we go to Tampa.

The Hokies seemed down and out after losing to Miami, Bud Foster becoming one of the top candidates for the Clemson job and Purnell Sturdivant saying what everyone thought about the offense. All of that hopefully means nothing now.

But, as the tag on this blog says, with each day there is fresh new hope. Before the Hokies even played another game after losing control of the Coastal, circumstances of this cracked-out conference have given it right back.

Georgia Tech took it to the Canes from the start tonight. It played perfect. Michael Johnson and Jonathan Dwyer were beasts and Lucas Cox gave us more evidence that white running backs are the wave of the future.

I feel almost like it was the Hokies who won tonight. Technically, Virginia Tech did.

Let's Do Some Lines: Week 13

All lines are from Bodog, the official illegal online gambling site of furrer4heisman. My picks are in bold.

I'm taking A LOT of road teams this week. I'm pretty much screwed.

Miami +3.5 at Georgia Tech
- An unhealthy Nesbitt against a solid DL.
NC State +11 at North Carolina
- Pack keep rollin'.
Clemson -2.5 at Virginia
- I can't bring myself to bet on the 'Hoos.
Boston College +2 at Wake Forest
- The return of Bad Chris Crane.
Duke +17 at Virginia Tech
- By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.
Florida State +1 at Maryland
- Maryland at home > Maryland on road.

Other teams I like this week:

Houston -15.5 vs. UTEP
- Coogs on fire.
Air Force +18.5 at TCU
- Back to the well.
Washington -7.5 at Washington State
- I had to bet on this game.
Texas Tech +7 at Oklahoma
- OU's pass defense is turrrbullll.
UConn +3 at South Florida
- Donald Brown leads Huskies to victory.

How I Did Last Week Against the Spread:

ACC: 2-3
Correct: Clemson, NC State
Wrong: Miami, UMd, FSU
Nation: 2-3
Correct: Texas, USM
Wrong: Air Force, Wiscy, Temple

Year to Date:

ACC: 37-28-1
Nation: 33-25
Total: 70-53-1

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crossroads A-Comin'

"You're not wrong..."

Before getting to the crux of this post, let me comment on LB Purnell Sturdivant's comments yesterday about the offense. You can read them here, but basically he called the offense predictable, said he and other defensive teammates had opinions on the offense and that he understood why people were critical of Stiney.

"Pretty much every team we face this year knows what we're going to do" on offense, Sturdivant said. "I have a couple friends at Carolina, a couple friends at N.C. State, things like that, they're pretty much just calling out the plays that we're going to run on offense. Our offense is pretty much predictable. You know what you're going to see each and every week."

Asked whether he thought Stinespring should go, Sturdivant said: "That's a hard one." But he added that he didn't think the outside criticism was unfair.

"Yeah, I can definitely see where they're coming from," Sturdivant said of the critics. "Me and a lot of guys."

Geez. That's bad. To quote the dude, "you're not wrong, (Purnell), you're just an ass hole."

Yes, everything Sturdivant said was true. But as a defensive player you can't say that. We can't have a divided locker room where there's still an outside shot of winning the division. I get this sick feeling in my stomach that if GT loses to Miami and we get eliminated from the Coastal, we could see an absolute 2003-type implosion from this team.

Yet another reason to root for Georgia Tech.

Two Openings

I think the writing is on the wall for Bryan Stinespring. He'll be gone at the end of this season, which is why so many offensive players are sticking up for him at this point. The players have to know this is it for him.

But he won't be the only coordinator we'll have to replace at the end of the season.

The other news of yesterday was the head-coach-in-waiting deal for Will Muschamp at Texas and the increasing odds that Bud Foster will get the Clemson job.

With Muschamp out of the picture, Clemson has to be looking more at Bud, even though I still think they'll hire someone with previous HC experience. However, while I don't think Bud will get the Clemson, I think he'll get a job somewhere at the end of this season. His stock can't get any higher at this point and if he doesn't take a job now, the opportunity may never come.

Eventually Bud will realize he can't limit himself to a strong BCS school as the only way he'll leave Tech. If he wants a head coaching gig, he's going to have to go prove himself in a non-BCS conference. He'll leave after this year.

Hitting the Panic Button

I can only imagine the mass hysteria on the TSL board if/when Bud leaves Tech, especially if Stiney had previously been shown the door. Bud would likely take most of the defensive staff with him to Clemson, which would leave the Hokies will a lot of positions to fill.

It would be a crossroads for the program. Would Beamer try to hire someone he's familiar with or coached at Tech to take over the defense or would he go out and try to find an up-and-coming coach at a mid-major school. I'd hope he'd choose the second option.

The future of the program would depend on Beamer's selections for OC and DC. If he chooses wrong, he could deal this program a blow that he himself won't be able to fix. By the time the damage will have been done, I'd assume Beamer would be ready to retire.

Then it would be up to the next head coach to bring in a new staff and fix everything. And knowing Hokie fans, I know we hate change. We fear change (well, except when it comes to firing Stiney). You'd probably have a rift in the fanbase regardless of who got hired.

Or We Could Just Avoid Everything

But there's another option that avoids all of that chaos. I advocated it before the season started. It was mentioned on Hokie Hotline last night. It was mentioned again by TSL today.

Why not just give Bud a HC-in-waiting deal like Muschamp? It makes too much sense not to do it. It's the right move to make.

In the past, I've said that I haven't been sure about whether or not Bud will make a great head coach. I'm still not sure. But this is what's best for the program. With this season nearing a tailspin, we need stability.

Naming Bud the next HC would secure the near future of the Hokies. While Bud may not end up being a good head coach, he deserves his shot. And I'd rather his shot come with the Hokies than with someone else. I'd have a much easier time accepting a few down seasons with Bud as HC than with an outsider.

Make Bud VT's next head coach before another school does.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Duke Game Guide

Virginia Tech vs. Duke

Time: 5:30 p.m.
Date: Saturday, Nov. 22, 2008
Place: Lane Stadium, Blacksburg, Va.

Last Meeting: The Hokies beat the Devils, 43-14, in Durham last season...Tech scored 21 points in the second quarter to put the game away...Sean Glennon replaced an injured Tyrod Taylor and connected on 16 of 21 passes for 258 yards and two touchdowns.

Trends: The Hokies have won their last seven games against Duke...Tech has lost three of its last four games...Tech has won 14 of its last 15 home games...Duke has never won in Blacksburg (0-4)...the Devils have lost four of their last five games, their last four conference games and their last 18 ACC road games.

What to Expect: Pain.

Hokies win if: They don't turn it over and play well on defense.

Blue Devils win if: The Hokies come out flat, stay flat, and give them gift points.

Dot-dot-dots: Five Hokies will be inducted into the Virginia Tech Sports Hall of Fame this weekend, including former football player Eugene Chung...Virginia Tech is 8-7 all-time against Duke after winning the last seven meetings...the diminutive Cody Grimm has collected 20 of his 48 tackles this season in the last three games...the Hokies have used the same five offensive linemen for all but two plays in the last six games.

Week 13 ACC Handicapping

Going into Week 13

The Standings

Maryland (7-3, 4-2)
Wake Forest (6-4, 4-3)
Florida State (7-3, 4-3)
Boston College (7-3, 3-3)
Clemson (5-5, 3-4)
NC State (4-6, 2-4)

Miami (7-3, 4-2)
Georgia Tech (7-3, 4-3)
North Carolina (7-3, 3-3)
Virginia Tech (6-4, 3-3)
Virginia (5-5, 3-3)
Duke (4-6, 1-5)

The Games

Week 13
Boston College at Wake Forest
Florida State at Maryland
Miami at Georgia Tech
Duke at Virginia Tech
Clemson at Virginia
NC State at North Carolina
Bye Week

Week 14
Maryland at Boston College
North Carolina at Duke
Virginia at Virginia Tech
Miami at NC State
Florida at Florida State
Georgia Tech at Georgia
South Carolina at Clemson
Vanderbilt at Wake Forest
Bye Week

The Teams
Division games in CAPS, Inter-Division games in lower case.


Maryland (4-2)
Wins: CU, WF, NCSU, unc
Losses: uva, vt
Home: FSU
Away: BC
Analysis: Plays much better at home than on the road...needs production out of ground game...already has tiebreak over Wake...goes to Tampa if they win out.

Wake Forest (4-3)
Wins: FSU, CU, du, uva
Losses: UMD, NCSU, mia
Home: BC
Away: none
Analysis: Needs to beat BC and have UMd lose twice...has a solid defense, but has struggled on offense...looked strong early and has faded, like VT.

Florida State (4-3)
Wins: NCSU, CU, mia, vt
Losses: WF, BC, gt
Home: none
Away: UMD
Analysis: Can still get to Tampa on offense among division contenders when at full strength...have lost last two trips to College Park.

Boston College (3-3)
Wins: NCSU, FSU, vt
Losses: CU, gt, unc
Home: UMD
Away: WF
Analysis: Best defense in the conference...can win out and got to Tampa on tiebreaks...kicking game will cost them eventually (hey, no change from last week).


Miami (4-2)
Wins: UVA, DU, VT, wf
Losses: UNC, fsu
Home: none
Away: GT, ncsu
Analysis: Has won five consecutive team in the conference right out and they go to Tampa.

North Carolina (3-3)
Wins: MIA, GT, bc
Losses: VT, UVA, umd
Home: ncsu
Away: DU
Analysis: Loss to UMd also cost them control of their own destiny...needs MIA and VT to lose...QB controversy doesn't bode well.

Virginia Tech (3-3)
Wins: GT, UNC, umd
Losses: MIA, bc, fsu
Home: DU, UVA
Away: none
Analysis: Eliminated if MIA beats GT...controls own destiny with GT win over MIA...has lost three of last four, but finishes with two home games.

Virginia (3-3)
Wins: GT, UNC, umd
Losses: DU, MIA, wf
Home: cu
Away: VT
Analysis: Needs a lot of help...didn't look well against Wake, but returns home this week...has a balanced offense and strong running game.

The Odds


Maryland: 5/2
Wake Forest: 10/1
Florida State: 10/1
Boston College: 5/2


Miami: 2/1
North Carolina: 4/1
Virginia Tech: 5/1
Virginia: 20/1

Monday, November 17, 2008

Week 13 ACC Preview

Week 13

Nov. 20
Miami at Georgia Tech, 7:30 p.m. on ESPN

Nov. 22
Clemson at Virginia, Noon on Raycom
NC State at North Carolina, Noon on Raycom
Boston College at Wake Forest, 3:30 p.m. on ABC/ESPN2
(ABC in ACC country, ESPN2 in Big Ten country)
Duke at Virginia Tech, 5:30 p.m. on ESPNU
Florida State at Maryland, 7:45 p.m. on ESPN

We have reached critical mass. This is the second week of the season we have a full slate of six conference games. Each game includes at least one team with aspirations for Tampa and three games with two teams that are not mathematically eliminated from their division race. If you were to put a gun to my head and make me make an ACCCG prediction (Brian), I'd say Miami vs. Boston College. Those are the two teams playing the best football and I don't think either will lose these last two weeks.

If you're a fan of chaos, you're rooting for the Jackets, Tar Heels, Hokies, Wahoos and Seminoles.

Miami (4-2) at Georgia Tech (4-3)

Miami controls its own destiny. Georgia Tech definitely does not. The Jackets aren't eliminated, but they might as well be. In order for Georgia Tech to go to Tampa, it would have to beat Miami, then hope for losses from VT, UNC AND UVa in the last two weeks. Is it possible? Yes. Is it also possible for the Jackets to beat Miami and still get eliminated on Saturday? Also yes.

There's a chance five of the Coastal teams could be tied in the loss column after Saturday's games. At that point, I think we should just have Coastal and Atlantic All-Star teams play each other in Tampa.

The Canes are dominating the line of scrimmage. I doubt the Jackets will be able to do much offensively.

Clemson (3-4) at Virginia (3-3)

The Tigers have a chance to play spoiler and keep the possibility of bowl eligibility alive. The 'Hoos certainly can't match the Clemson in the talent department, but absolutely kill the Tigers in intangibles. This game will be interesting to watch because all outcomes seem plausible. You could have a great game or either team could win by four touchdowns and at the end you would say you weren't surprised by it.

Boston College (3-3) at Wake Forest (4-3)

Elimination game!

Brian from BC Interruption had a great point. The Eagles are coming off two games they had to be emotionally up for against Notre Dame and Florida State. Will they come back down to earth against a stingy Wake defense? Honestly, it doesn't matter. If the Deacs score more than 10 points I'll be shocked.

Duke (1-5) at Virginia Tech (3-3)

Duke isn't at its healthiest and appears to have peaked against Vandy. But if the Devils can pull off two upsets, they go to a bowl.

It will be interesting to see how the Hokies come out. If Miami wins Thursday, eliminating the Hokies from the Coastal, will they come out flat and give one away?

Florida State (4-3) at Maryland (4-2)

Florida State should play angry. If they don't it's the coaches fault. Inconsistent Maryland is playing at home, were it's played well. The key, as always for the Terps, will be what kind of production they get from Da'Rel Scott.

The key for Florida State will be avoiding a complete meltdown and keeping its Atlantic dreams alive.

Hokies and Coastal Scenarios

It seems pretty simple to me:

If Georgia Tech loses to Miami, we're eliminated.

If The Jackets beat the 'Canes, we go to Tampa if we win out.

Go Jackets!

Monday Masochism: Sean Dockery

This was less than 24 hours after the Hokies, as two touchdown favorites, choked massively against FSU in the ACC title game. I wasn't sober for a long time after this shot.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 12 ACC Power Poll

And down the stretch they come.

Week 12
1. Miami
2. Boston College
3. North Carolina
4. Georgia Tech
5. Maryland
6. Florida State
7. Virginia
8. Virginia Tech
9. NC State
10. Wake Forest
11. Clemson
12. Duke


- Miami's offensive and defensive lines have improved remarkably over the last few weeks.

- The Hokies have lost three of their last four. Down to No. 8 for the Hokies.

- The Eagles proved again that they have the best defense in the conference. Crane should still scare BC fans, though.

- The Pack probably isn't done yet this year. And will be a contender next season.

Week 13 Schedule
Nov. 20
Georgia Tech at Miami, 7:30 p.m., ESPN
Nov. 22
Clemson at Virginia, Noon, Raycom
NC State at North Carolina, Noon, Raycom
Boston College at Wake Forest, 3:30 p.m., ABC/ESPN2
Duke at Virginia Tech, 5:30 p.m., ESPNU
Florida State at Maryland, 7:45 p.m., ESPN

ACC Roundtable No. 4

Brendan over at From Old Virginia (yes, it's a 'Hoo blog) is hosting this edition of the ACC Roundtable. He should have the round-up posted in the middle of the week.

1. Take a look into your team's past, as far back as you like. If you could pick one game and change its outcome, which would you choose and why?

This one's easy. I'd have us beat Florida State for the 1999 national championship. Once you have an MNC, it changes everything. Until the Hokies get a title, they won't be considered elite. Finishing off the 'Noles in the fourth quarter would have accomplished that.

2. What non-ACC program most resembles yours?

I'd have to say Oregon. I compared us to a team from each BCS conference back in August, but of all the teams, it would be Oregon. But without the big-money booster. Both teams have wacky bird mascots, a rabid fan base with high expectations and a smaller stadium that is known for being hostile. But most importantly, both have had a lot of recent success, but haven't been able to make that jump to being elite.

3. Which do you prefer? The ACC of 2008: not too well respected around the nation, but a conference in which almost any team has a shot at the conference title? Or the ACC of 1998: getting plenty of respect from football pundits as a good conference, but dominated by one hegemonic superpower that we all hate?

Simple: If we're the hegemonic superpower, then 1998. If we aren't, 2008.

4. Hey, it's basketball season! What are your expectations for your team? What kind of season would make you happy?

A berth in the NCAA Tournament would make me happy. We were an extremely young team that almost went to the tournament anyway last season. This year almost all these kids have a full year of tough ACC play under their belt. If we can find a guy to be our stopper on defense, we should finish in the Top 4 in the ACC and get around a five or six seed in the NCAA Tournament. We bolstered our non-conference schedule to help the RPI and avoid being the last team out like last season.

Friday, November 14, 2008

ACC Best of the Blogs: Week 11


BC All Access: Boston College-Victoria's Secret Dispute
"Victoria Secret has deals with many major colleges to produce school clothing, and I think BC would be missing a big opportunity if they chose not to allow Victoria Secret to sell Boston College clothing. Some colleges actually have their school names on Victoria Secret underwear, but BC didn't allow this, so I'm not sure what all the fuss is about. The clothes are actually a big hit, plenty of girls around campus can be seen sporting the sweats."

BC Interruption: Oddsmakers: Eagles vs. 'Noles and the Division Race
"Jeff: Oh I hope the answer to this is 0%. I hope Jags never sends the field goal unit out there on Saturday except if time is expiring at the end of the first half and we have the ball in Florida State territory. Also, if we are tied at the end of regulation I wouldn't mind attempting a field goal. Unfortunately though, after Aponavicius missed the first field goal on Saturday against Notre Dame, Jags sent him back out there two more times so it seems as though Jags is set on attempting these field goals against my wishes. So on Saturday I imagine there will be one or two field goal attempts but the chances of BC making one out of only one or two attempts on the road in prime time I'm going to say are slim. 20%."

Eagle in Atlanta: The Raji Tackle
"This play is slowly taking on legendary status for BC fans and ND haters alike. I don't want to spark the whole recruiting rankings debate again, but let's all agree that sometimes the experts get it wrong (Raji was a 2-star, Olsen a 4-star)."


Block-C: Is this what Clemson is telling recruits?
"I guess, if it’s not true, it’s at least a smart tactic. Coaching turnover scares recruits, as our massive drop in committed recruits would attest."

Sporting Gnomes: Thoughts on hiring the new HC
"Fourth and finally, beware the coordinators of strong programs. I’m thinking of Will Muschamp here. I’ve heard great things about his personality, but I have honestly heard zero about his qualifications. He was at LSU from ‘01-’04, Auburn from ‘06-’07, and now he’s at Texas. He’s been a part of winning teams, but how well can we back out his contribution? For all I know, he’s good at finding jobs where there is so much talent that it’s almost impossible to fail."


Chant Rant: Will it be the punch heard around the college football world?
"Put yourself in the same situation (based on what we've heard so far). You're out with some of your best buddies. Guys you also work with and share a strong bond. Suddenly one of them gets jumped. Would you really just stand by and watch the mayhem?"

Scalp 'em: Food For Thought: Last Year’s BC Game
"FSU beat then #2 Boston College… with none other than… Drew Weatherford at QB, who was 29-45 for 354 yards with 2 TDs and no INTs. I’m just sayin’."

Tomahawk Nation: The Seminole Report Card: FSU 41, Clemson 27
"Clemson had 1 play over 40 yards (44), 5 of 20+, and 16 plays of 10+ yards. That's not good. They did abandon the run as the game wore on: 24 first half runs, 12 second half runs. Clemson had 73 plays to work with, largely because of FSU's 2 huge special teams miscues, which immediately gave CU 12 more plays."


The Legacy x4: GT Ballin' Names
"2. I-Perfection Harris - How can you top that? Maybe with his brother's name of I-Finesse? Harris ended up at Kent State but that first name is pretty epic."


Turtle Waxing: Hiding Portis
"I've been critical of the token use of QB Josh Portis at times this season but in thinking about the loss to Virginia Tech I'm not sure why he wasn't used on a few plays. The Hokies were shutting down the running game and Da'Rel Scott was clearly not the same player from before his shoulder got reinjured against N.C. State so it would have made sense to put a dual threat in the backfield. Portis could even be used in the backfield with Chris Turner as that could cause some serious confusion to the opposing defense. Alternating him in at quarterback, running back or slot receiver could make his athletic skills much more dangerous, especially if the offense utilized some pre-snap shifts. Portis is of limited utility because he can't seem to read defenses or totally grasp the playbook but in limited circumstances he could be effective."


All Canes: Sam Shields: On The Mend
"Shannon and staff have gotten immediate impact out of true freshman and after some early growing pains, these Canes are in the midst of a four-game win streak. While Miami is reliant on a slew of rookies, Shields proves that coaches haven't given up on some of the older talent."


Carolina March: Ah, the Angst of Being a UNC Football Coach
"There certainly are reasons why Tennessee would be an attractive proposition for Davis. The Vols play in the Southeastern Conference, which is superior to the Atlantic Coast Conference in football. And at Tennessee, the football program is No. 1 on campus. Davis will always be No. 2 at North Carolina - or 1-A at best - behind Roy Williams and his basketball powerhouse."

Tar Heel Fan: Explain this one to me
"The is an actual answer to this quandry is if you could compare the pace of ticket sales up until now. Why is that important? Because no one knew football would conflict with basketball until the game time was announced 10 days ago. If there was a sudden downturn in ticket sales once folks realized basketball and football would be playing at the same time, then there is merit to the argument. If however the sales have held steady or if UNC is actually outperfoming Wake and NCSU in sales over the past 10 days then the argument is poppycock."

Tareye/Buckheel Tampa? You must be crazy
"Could this be the dawn of a dominant ACC program? Virginia Tech, Florida State and Miami have regressed a tad, opening the door for new powers in a more balanced conference. If Butch Davis stays for the long haul, the Heels look to become a perennial power with the recruiting and coaching here."


Section Six: Watch me jumpstart
"The Blue Devils did what it appears they've generally done all season--chip away slowly but surely. Nothing disastrous, but nothing spectacular, either. They put together three double-digit-play drives, but only one netted them points. That's how it went for Duke, which was methodical but couldn't quite produce the big plays in the big spots."

StateFans Nation: Wilson Stakes Claim; Wake up this weekend
"Wilson has performed better than almost anyone could have dreamed this season and has therefore promised to make the quarterback competition with freshman Mike Glennon interesting to watch in the future. (What a nice ‘problem’ to have)."

Yet Another...: A look at the Wake game, relatively speaking
"The question will be can State's offense, that looked so good in the first half against Duke, have similar success against a very stout Wake defense. The disparity in the rankings seem to suggest no, but the one chink in the Deacon armor may be their pass defense. And with Russell Wilson continuing to improve each week passing the football, State may have opportunities passing the ball downfield."


From Old Virginia: The dreaded vote of confidence
"So I believe Littlepage when he says Groh will coach the team next year. Believing Littlepage shouldn't be a yes or no proposition, but unfortunately, such is the nature of pronouncements like this. ADs and GMs all too frequently fire the coach anyway. But this means a couple things. One, Littlepage seems like a frequent guest at practices. I don't know how much Littlepage, or ADs in general, hang out at practice. I'll bet old-ass Bill Martin over at Michigan doesn't do it much. But it doesn't seem like an ideal situation for a coach's job security. Two, unless we go to a bowl next year, get ready for obsessive flight-tracking and all the other trappings of insanity that go with the words "coaching search." "

Good Ol' Blog: Evaluating Virginia’s championship chances
"Thus, by my unscientific gut-feeling estimation (the best kind), Virginia will be heading to Blacksburg with a trip to the ACC Championship game on the line — with the winner of that game getting the ticket. Just like last year. And, right now, I’ve got Virginia losing that battle. Just like last year."


Beer Control Offense: Week 11 Thoughts
"Cody Grimm did not make the top 3, but that lil guy lights dudes up weekly. At 5' nothing, he must be angry all the time. You know the Fridge must hate losing to Beamer but even worse they get their asses handed to them physically every time they play. Only in 2005 when big Jared Gaither decleated Adibi can I remember a big hit laid by a Terp. You know those 3 cats were getting oohed and ahhhed when they watched film the next day."

College Game Balls: Miami is the Dirty Scum you Scrape off Your Shoe
"We are less than 24 hours away from Virginia Tech at Miami. This matchup has lost its national appeal, but for the Hokies and Hurricanes pride and the ACC Coastal are on the line. The bottom line is this, Hokies hate Hurricanes and Hurricanes hate Hokies."

Tailgate Fever: Sometimes Life Gets In The Way
"101 Proof. Oh hell yes. The Wild Turkey offense is a brilliant idea. And it only took the Offensive Coordinator three seasons of watching it succeed elsewhere before implementing it in our offense. Greg Boone is a badass. And there is no reason he shouldn't play more from this position. The Tyrod-Glennon double injury is precisely why you don't move Cory Holt to WR, oh by the way. Considering he never played a significant down at WR, you have to ask yourself....what is wrong with our coaching staff? Justin Hamilton, Chris Clifton, Ike Whitaker, Cory is an endless list. Just keep the backups at their appropriate position. We might need them someday."

Tech Sideline: David Wilson is Underrated
"But I watch Wilson run, and I see something that makes me believe he’s going to be really good. I don’t like to put any undue pressure on a football recruit, but I have to do my job as well. I think Wilson is every bit as good a prospect as Logan Thomas, and I think there’s a decent chance he could end up with a 5-star rating before it’s all said and done."

Tech SuperFans: Game Preview vs. Miami
"So what's the key to adding another notch in the W-column for Virginia Tech? Miami seems to have a fairly developed offense, but it seems to hinge primarily on their number one's at the passing game and rushing game. Once you get past them on the depth chart, the number two and number three players don't contribute so much to the offense produced by the team. If the Hokie defense can shut down Miami's stars, they'll probably contain the Miami offense. If Marve successfully gets the ball in the hands of Cooper and Johnson routinely, Miami will put up some big points."

VT Fan: Hokies Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams Tale of Two Stories
"But like many of the other ‘olympic’ sports, the Hokie soccer teams are benefiting tremendously from being in the ACC. Both programs are sleeping giants that are on their way to being consistent top performers. For example, the women’s team went 2-0 against UVa this year (the men lost 2-1), and they days of the UVa powerhouse dominating the soccer rivalry between the schools in both men’s and women’s is over."

2008-09 Gobbler Country Basketball Expectations

Here's what I want from Seth and the boys this season:

1. Make the NCAA Tournament
Anything else will be considered a disappointment.

2. A Fired-up AD Vassallo
I'd love to see the AD that played in the ACC Tournament and NIT. Not the AD that had a tendency to loaf and disappear in games.

3. Less Beamerball
I think the offense has come along enough that we can dictate the pace a little more instead of relying only on stingy defense to win games. The Clemson loss infuriated me last year because I thought we let Clemson take control of the pace and let the game come to us.

4. This Becomes Malcolm's Team
In our Q&A with Tech Hoops, Niemo had a good point that leadership doesn't always have to come from seniors. This is especially true in basketball where the best players often don't stay four years. Sophomore point guard Malcolm Delaney can be the leader of this team. I expect him to take control early and the be vocal leader.

5. A Bye in Atlanta
Finish in the Top 4 of the ACC again this year and only need three wins to take the tournament crown.

6. Quit Losing to Mediocre Teams
This probably cost us a spot in the Tournament last year.

7. One Big Non-Conference Win
Whether its someone in the Puerto Rico tournament or Wisconsin at home, we need a non-conference win that sticks out on our resume.

8. Defend the Cassell
We get Duke and Carolina at home in back-to-back games toward the end of the season. One of those games needs to be a win.

2008-09 ACC Hoops Preview

Predictions and thoughts on the upcoming season.


1. North Carolina
2. Wake Forest
3. Duke
4. Virginia Tech
5. Miami
6. Clemson
7. Georgia Tech
8. NC State
9. Maryland
10. Boston College
11. Florida State
12. Virginia


COY: Dino Gaudio, Wake Forest
POY: Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina (shocker)
ROY: Al-Farouq Aminu, Wake Forest


Jack McClinton, Miami
Tyrese Rice, Boston College
Ty Lawson, North Carolina
Tyler Hansbrough, North Carolina
Kyle Singler, Duke

Pithy Thoughts

- North Carolina is the best team in the country until further notice. However, they'll need to be healthy in order to live up to expectations. A lot of luck is involved in winning national titles.

- I put Duke No. 3 because I just couldn't stand the sight of having UNC No. 1 and Duke No. 2. Something unexpected has to happen.

- I like Wake because I'm a big fan of Dino Gaudio and a bigger fan of their young, gritty players. They'll also get a few newcomers in this year who can make an immediate impact.

- I'm not sold on Miami other than Jack McClinton, who is awesome. McClinton alone is good enough for No. 5 in the conference.

- The Hokies beefed up their non-conference schedule this year. They'll make the NCAA with a No. 4 finish this season.

- There's a big disparity between the Top 6 and the Bottom 6 in the conference, in my opinion. Although Georgia Tech could end up as a "swing" team that goes 8-8 and is on the bubble for the NCAA Tournament.

- While there are some good teams in the ACC this year, there are also some really bad ones that could hurt the conference RPI. The ACC isn't as strong as people think this year.

It goes well with his lies...

Just sub "her" for "Stiney"

C'mon in boy and sit down at the bar
Don't want to hear or care who or what you are
Don't ask how it is but I know your pain is real
I'll tell you now I know exactly how you feel

Look at those suckers there crying in their booze
Everybody knows how to win
but you've got to know how to lose
So when your hopes and dreams are gone out of the night
you've got to hang your head just right

I recommend the California '85
It was the only thing that once kept me alive
It doesn't matter with a white or deep Rossette
The only thing that gets me through another day

I had a life I had a love and now it's all gone
And now I'm barely hanging on
So try the California '85
It goes well with her lies

Whiskey (ps- bourbon!) doesn't work 'cause it won't let you lie
A fightin' man will fight a cryin' man with cry
I'm not opposed to drinking me some beer
There's just so little beer to take my pain away down here

They say that living well is how revenge is earned
But you and I know they were never really burned
It's not the fall that breaks your heart so it won't mend
It is the quick stop at the end

I recommend the California '85
It was the only thing that once kept me alive
It doesn't matter with a white or deep rosset
The only thing that gets me through another day

I had a life I had a love and it was all gone
And now I'm barely hanging on
So try the California '85
It goes well with her lies

Old Willy plays the jukebox through the day
Come 12:30 one will teach you how to pray
Smoke gets thick and then the music gets so loud
Your mind starts spinning and your head begins to cloud

Call me a loser, call me living in the past
Precious days into a scarlet water glass
This isn't like anyone would want to be
So the first bottle is on me

So Goddamn that California '85
This ain't no living man, I'm barely just alive
It doesn't matter with a white or deep rosset
The only thing that gets me through another day

I had a life, I had a love and now it's all gone
And now I'm barely hanging on
So try the California '85
It goes well with her lies

It goes well with her lies
It goes well with her lies

I could sit here and give a tirade that would make TWIS proud. Or I could just get drunker and recognize that other teams (Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia) have it worse than us and next year will likely be better.

Yeah, I prefer that second choice at this point. It works out better for someone who has to be awake for work in five hours. We'll win out an we'll go to a bowl that isn't in Boise. Which at this point is a victory for me.

Of course, if we do go to Boise, I'd still go to that bowl game. I like to ski and it's the last time the ACC will ever have that bowl tie-in. So, I'm just going to sit here, drink my Maker's Mark, and relax.

I'll let all the crazies on the TSL message boards deal with the melt down. I've got good bourbon and the new Bruce Robison album. What the hell else do I need? You know, other than a win over the HATED HATED HATED Hurricanes.

/uncontrollable sobbing.