Friday, April 3, 2009

Alabama May Have Its QB

The Crimson Tide's QB competition ended up being as anti-climactic as The Village. Greg McElroy, who backed up JPW last season is all but guaranteed the starting job after impressing in the first few days of spring drills.

A few Tide fans I talked to (OK, OK, the one Tide fan I know) expected freshman Star Jackson to win the job by the time Sept. 5 rolled around. Well, it looks like Star isn't quite ready for prime time. It'll be McElroy who starts against the Hokies. Quoth the Barnhart:

McElroy is ahead and he should be ahead because he has played and knows the offense. Saban and OC Jim McElwain want to keep the competition open so that the players involved develop as much as possible between now and Sept. 5. That’s what coaches are supposed to do. But it’s hard to see Jackson or Darrah or any freshman closing that gap between now and the spring game on April 18. And when everybody returns in August it will be time to get a quarterback ready to play Virginia Tech.

This is good news for the Hokies. Our defense typically fares well against drop-back quarterbacks. However, QBs who can avoid the rush and escape the pocket have a tendency to burn us.



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Atlantic Coast Conference

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Stuff Only I Care About

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