Friday, April 10, 2009

Things That Get Me to Football: "VT Cheerleader" and "Playboy Magazine" in the Same Headline

Last week I informed you via the Twitter that Playboy was going to be in Blacksburg looking for VT's entry in its Girls of the ACC issue. From Busted Coverage, via Winfield from The Legacy x4, comes news that one of the young ladies looking to expose themselves to the masses was a VT cheerleader.

Carly Hinchman probably would have been fine if she had tried out for Playboy under an alias and then not told anyone. However, she made a freshman mistake and not only gave Playboy her real name, but also WSLS in Roanoke, who interviewed her and a friend as part of a story on girls who showed up for the audition.

Someone later E-mailed Busted Coverage claiming their post was inaccurate because Carly didn't try out for Playboy. But according to her own words on the WSLS news story, she did.

Since we're still just under 150 days from glorious college football, this story and Carly's status on the team will be worth following.

Scrimmage Time

The Hokies will scrimmage at 4:30 today at Lane Stadium. It's open to the public.

Tyrod Taylor didn't get many snaps during the "mini scrimmage" earlier this week and my guess is you'll see the same today. Ju-Ju Clayton and Marcus Davis will likely get most of the snaps under center.

I'm also interested in how Ryan Williams does. He was lackluster in the mini scrimmage and most Hokie fans will want to see the moves they've heard the kid possesses.

There will be plenty to overly-dissect and put way too much stock into once the stats are posted by Dave Smith and the VT sports info department.

Spring Practice for Tailgaters

I'll be tailgating the OU spring game tomorrow. No, I'm not actually going to the Sooners' spring game. It's all about being prepared for the upcoming season.

It's also highly probable that our tailgate will just be held in our backyard since we're too lazy to drive across town to Owen Field and set up a tent.

Hoppy Easter

Easter Sunday is always a good day at my parents' house because it's the one time a year my mom makes her version of Dirt Cake, which is basically a large amount of crushed Oreos, pudding, cream cheese and Cool Whip layered in a large bowl. I'm sure there are other ingredients, but those are the only ones that matter.

I usually have it as my main course while everyone else in the family looks at me with looks or disdain, concern and/or envy. Plus, having it before anyone else means I'm free to take most of the Oreos, which make up the top layer and are the first to go.



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Atlantic Coast Conference

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Stuff Only I Care About

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cgb said...

Would it be so wrong if Carly were to make a couple of bucks and show off her body in Playboy? No it wouldn't. Would it be so wrong if that picture ended up as the wallpaper on my desktop? Again, no it wouldn't.

Unknown said...

One of my friends tried out too and told us about it at work. No biggie, I guess.

Winfield Featherston said...

All the more reason to buy that issue.

Dane said...

Cheerleader + Playboy?

I was unaware. I need to start reading our blog more.