Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Say So Much With So Little

The Hokies have been dissected by a national blogger for the second consecutive day. Tuesday, the good Dr. Saturday prematurely assessed the 2009 edition of Virginia Tech football. Today, Orson Swindle gave a one-paragraph take on the VT-Bama game.

And like he always does, Orson got right to the point and was neither wrong nor pedestrian.

Why just in week one: Alabama and Virginia Tech have their Skoal-off in the Georgia Dome again, meaning tasty free chicken sandwiches for your correspondent, and perhaps a misleading win for Virginia Tech early. This will prime the Hokie bandwagon for a hefty pile-on until everyone remembers Brian (sic) Stinespring can’t call plays, Tyrod Taylor can’t pass, and that Alabama will improve three thousand times from game one to game six after breaking in a new qb, and will likely look at their worst in game one.

"You're not wrong, Walter, you're just an ass hole."

The Doc and Orson were both on target with their analysis of the Hokies and do it in their own ways. The Doc with near over-analysis and Orson with biting, pithy commentary.

However, they differ on how Virginia Tech's season will go. To me, it seems Doc thinks we'll lose to Bama and then contend for or win a weak ACC. Orson seems to believe we'll beat Bama and then have an average season in a mediocre ACC.

I wonder which season Hokie fans would prefer? Getting the marquee win and then fading down the stretch or getting slaughtered by the Tide but winding up 10-4 with another ACC title?

I'll take the strong finish and building toward 2010 if going 14-0 and raising the crystal isn't an option this year (which it probably isn't).


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I can only hope Amalie sees the incoming links to her articles. Since she is obviously out of your league, who is your fall back girl? Annette?