Monday, April 13, 2009

Williams Breaks Loose in Scrimmage

Freshman running back Ryan Williams had 122 yards on eight carries, including an 80-yard touchdown run in Friday's scrimmage. Most of the carries came against the second-team defense, but by all accounts Williams showed the playmaking abilities that made him a highly sought after recruit two years ago.

Williams' play was the highlight for the offense, although RB Josh Oglesby had solid runs against the first-team defense. The passing game left something to be desired as Tyrod Taylor, Ju-Ju Clayton and Marcus Davis combined complete 13 of 30 pass attempts.

It's becoming obvious at this point that Davis' future with the Hokies is not as a quarterback. I think Clayton and Boone should start getting the majority of the backup QB reps the rest of the spring. The quicker you get Davis to whatever position will allow him to get on the field the better for all parties involved.

On defense, John Graves was a beast. He compiled four tackles for loss, including a sack. His transition from defensive tackle to end appears to be going smoothly.



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ebj said...

ida know bout davis ... while juju is slightly (only slightly) ahead of him, davis has the better arm, is bigger and runs better. i.e. has better upside. backup won't be determined til mid august, nor should it.