Thursday, January 22, 2009

2009 Offseason Checklist: Offense

Quick list of things that need to be addressed during spring and summer practices:

1. Improved passing from Tyrod Taylor

The infamous "hitch" in Tyrod's delivery was never more visible than when I re-watched the Orange Bowl. His throwing motion just looks unnatural. If that's why he's having issues with his accuracy, especially on deep balls, it needs to be fixed. Also, Tyrod's trust in his receivers improved greatly throughout the year and should carry over into next season.

2. A center

With Jaymes Brooks' performance in the Orange Bowl, the Hokies appear to be set at four of the five positions on the line. However, they will have to replace center Ryan Shuman, who in my mind was the most consistent offensive lineman we had last year. Beau Warren played 44 snaps last season, including 34 against Duke. How effective he is and how well he is able to gel with the rest of the line will be important to the running game in 2009.

3. Unleash Ryan Williams

Williams was redshirted last year, partly because he needed to improve his pass blocking. He was apparently a beast on the scout team last season and should be ready to contribute next season. If he has the hands, why not use him on some Percy-Harvin-type plays while lined up in the slot? Everyone is excited to see if Williams can live up to his hype, so let's get him the ball as many ways as we can.

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Hokie Guru said...

Ryan Williams should be the guy... I really hope we don't see KLJ starting. I'm wtih BCO on this one... a great 1-2 tandem in that backfield would be Darren Evans and Ryan Williams.

Perhaps we can use KLJ for some passes out of the backfield, but I want to his playing time lessen.