Friday, January 30, 2009

Return of the Heartattack Hokies

I thought we got all of this out during football season. However, watching this year's Hokies hoops team can be just as hazardous to your health as watching the 2008 edition of the football team.

Every meaningful game for the basketball team has come down to the wire. And more often than not, the Hokies have failed to come away with a win. After winning two close games on the road against then-No. 1 Wake Forest and Miami, Tech dropped another heart breaker last night against Clemson after leading by 15 in the second half.

It's important the Hokies pick themselves up starting tomorrow at BC. Tech's next six games are very winnable before it gets a second shot at Clemson. I think the Hokies can go 5-1 over their next six and be 9-3 going into the Clemson game on Feb. 25.

Don't discount the importance of these next six games. Because of the difficulty of the Hokies' last four, this group of games will make or break Tech as a Tournament team. If the Hokies struggle, they will have a hard time making the field of 65.


Anonymous said...

Got to put some of that loss on Greenburg. Sometimes I think he gets to much of a pass. Up 15 and not slowing the game down and milking the clock. Yeah I know their were 10+ minutes left, but still. After Vasallo dribbled the ball off his leg for a turnover with no one around him a time out was needed.

As good as Jeff Allen is he loses to many rebounds that are in both hands. He also misses way to many free throws and when he misses they brick so bad that it is a long rebound for the other team. Not even going to get into his and others missed dunks. If you can't dunk in the clear just gently lay the thing in the hoop please.

Some things are not controllable like the way guys shooting 14% three pointers can't miss when playing the Hokies. I hate to see losing games at home in the ACC. You have to defend home court if you want to make it to March Madness.

Anonymous said...

trabiWhich 14% 3-pt shooter "couldn't miss" in that game?