Thursday, January 1, 2009

Orange Bowl Game Post

Happy New Year, Hokie fans! The Hokies are in the last game to kick off today, so you have plenty of time to get in the correct frame of mind before the Hokies go after their first BCS bowl win. While you're watching the New Years' bowl smorgasbord, don't forget that the Winter Classic is on NBC this afternoon as well. Yes, Ringer and Moreno will rock your face off today, but there aren't many things better than outdoor hockey. Especially when two Original Six teams are involved.

OK, enough hockey homerism. Go Hokies!

Post your thoughts on the game in the comments. Also, check out College Game Balls, who may or may not be live blogging during the game.

Oh, and before I go get hammered, here's some eye candy:

Hey Dawn, if you want to learn how to plug into the multbox or use Avid to even out your sound levels, I'm available (PS - I'll give bonus points to anyone out there who starts using "plug into the multbox" as a euphemism for sex).

Have fun, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Go Hokies!

Anonymous said...

Chancellor intercepted that ball, bad break for the hokies.

Anonymous said...

All in all pretty good. Danny Coale did not need to drop to the ground after that catch. He could of ran that in for a td and then we would have had points. I really think that Boone would get more yards on the Wild Turkey if they did away with the slow fake and left him bust it right up the gut from the jump.

Tyrod looked like the mailman Karl Malone delivering that ball into the endzone. Good thing it was subtle enough not do cause a flag. I am a mark for that type of cocky bs though.

Evans was good when he got up to speed, but if he gets hit at the line before he gets going hes done.
Now lets beat Alabama and Nebraska next year and propel up the rankings before ACC play. Go Hokies! BTW, just ordered my lockeroom hat and t-shirt of the Orange Bowl Champs!