Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who should be on VT's Mt. Rushmore?

I am blatantly ripping off the guys over at BC Interruption, who in turn borrowed the idea from ESPN.

Basically, ESPN is doing a Mt. Rushmore of sports for all the states by picking the four most important sports figures they have to offer. So who should be on a Mt. Rushmore for Virginia Tech sports?

My Hokie Mt. Rushmore:

Frank Beamer. Made Virginia Tech football. This one is a given.

Bruce Smith. The Hokies' first No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft. Was a beast for the Hokies and had a Hall of Fame career in the NFL.

Angela Tincher. The most dominant player in their sport in Hokie sports history.

BomboBimbo Coles (apparently I decided to mate Bimbo Coles and Bombo Rivera). Beloved Hokie hoops player that had a solid pro career.

Also Considered: Michael Vick, Brad Clontz, Joe Saunders, Jim Druckenmiller, Dell Curry and of course Will Muthafuckin' Furrer.

The Michael Vick Question

Should Michael Vick be put on the Hokies' Mt. Rushmore? I say no. For something like this, you have to consider how the person has represented Virginia Tech even after leaving the university. Vick is no longer representative of what being a Hokie is about and I don't think he belongs.

So who would you put on the Hokies' Mt. Rushmore? Would you put Michael Vick on there? Let me know if I'm wrong.


Bird said...

Well, I see the Vick situation similar to the OJ:USC situation. If they were to list their greatest players, sure he'd be on there. If we were talking about icons that would rep the Institute forever, then no you don't want that person representing your Institute forever.

onedumbmonkey said...

First of all the Vick/Simpson does make an equal comparison. While I am not validating Vick, He is no OJ. If the Governor of Alaska can shoot a Moose from a helicopter, there is certainly a perception issue. Vick put Football on the map for VT. There are alot of local heroes, Vick was national.
Second, you have to give credit where it is do, the Governor of Virgina deserves at least an honorable mention. Without him, Tech would not have joined the ACC. All of the recognized sports have been improved by this move, despite the ACC downturning a little in football. The national exposure of Tech even playing UNC, DUKE, and Wake Forest has given a more solid basketball team that Tech would have never seen.

ebj said...