Friday, January 30, 2009

ESPHeather Interviews Ryan Williams

Heather Dinich at ESPN's ACC blog threw a bunch of softball questions at Ryan Williams and then posted his answers. Williams said all the right things: The coaches know best with regards to the redshirt, he and Darren Evans get along, blah, blah, blah.

Williams did say this, though, which has me giddy:

"Right now, I have the starting punt return job, so I'll be on the field as far as punt return, but I've been saying little things to the coaches here and there about playing me at wide receiver, and I don't know if you noticed or paid attention to the Wild Turkey package with [tight end Greg] Boone. [...] Yeah, I want to get into that. I just want to be used for everything. I want to be the most dangerous person on the field at all times."

Hopefully this means he'll be a Percy Harvin-type player for the Hokies next year, getting the ball anyway we can get it to him. And with a power run game to back it up with Darren Evans, I'm starting to drink the Kool Aid believe when it comes to our offense next season.

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking if Stiney knows how to use him Williams could be a Reggie Bush type player for the Hokies who wins games that should not be won. Like in 2004 when VT played USC. Without Reggie Bush and a phantom offensive pass interference call we would have won that game and ended up in the National Championship.