Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How I'd like the schedule to look

Those of us who make our travel plans for football season as far in advance as possible are eagerly awaiting the ACC to release its 2009 football schedule. We know who the Hokies will be playing the first four weeks of the season and we know the UVa game will likely be the weekend after Thanksgiving. The rest of the schedule, including which games will be on Thursday, is a complete mystery. However, I know how I'd like the schedule to look.

What We (Sort of) Know:

Sept. 5: Alabama (Atlanta)
Sept. 12: Marshall
Sept. 19: Nebraska
Sept. 26: at East Carolina
Nov. 28: at Virginia

2009 ACC Home Games: Boston College, Miami, North Carolina, NC State

2009 ACC Road Games: Duke, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Virginia

Teams I'd Rather Catch Early:

Boston College. The Eagles will likely have Dominique Davis under center in 2009. He didn't play very well in the games he started last season and I'd rather face him before he gets seasoned. Also, the Eagles will be replacing key cogs on defense.

Maryland: The Terps have a great running back returning in Da'Rel Scott. But they have three offensive linemen to replace.

Teams I'd Rather Catch Late:

NC State: The Pack were the most improved team in the ACC from the first half of the season to the second. This year, they're a known commodity and could contend for the Atlantic. Catching them late means we'd have a full season's worth of film on Russell Wilson to prepare with.

Duke: Last year's ACC race was a complete fustercluck at the end of the season. Having Duke as our second-to-last conference game helped in 2008 because it gave the Hokies a near automatic W while chaos ensued around the conference.

How I Hope the Schedule Looks:

Sept. 5: Alabama (Atlanta)
Sept. 12: Marshall
Sept. 19: Nebraska
Sept. 26: at East Carolina
Oct. 3: at Maryland
Oct. 10: Boston College
Oct. 17: BYE WEEK
Oct. 24: North Carolina
Oct. 31: at Georgia Tech (Thursday?)
Nov. 7: Miami (Thursday?)
Nov. 14: NC State
Nov. 21: at Duke
Nov. 28: at Virginia

What do you guys think? The Hokies would close the season with two road games, but other than that I think something that looked like this would be beneficial to Tech. What do you want the schedule to look like? When would you like the bye week? Who do you want to play on a Thursday (one road, one home)?


ebj said...

the acc will only get better in 2009, so getting most teams early is better than not.

um is young but talented.
unc replaces all of their wr's
gt replaces their dl
uva will have a new offensive identity
state is only going to get better.

can we play em all early and backend the last month with bc, marshall and dook? haha

bc is going to be awful next year, VT will hammer those fools.

Jacob A. Spain said...

GT Thursday night on the road will be a tough one i fear.

Jacket's Men::Women ratio is worse than the hokies. Therefore, when push comes to shove, those Georgia boys will get good and rowdy and be crucial as 12th man.

But at the same time, they aren't the most faithful of fans, Saturday noon game will be all on the field.

cgb said...

Regardless of when we play them we will finally beat Boston College.

BC - Jags - Logan != Success.

I'd honestly like to flip flop them and NC State. It takes a passing offense a little while to gel. So playing NC State earlier in the season may be advantageous to us.