Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Schedule Due in 'Early February'

The ACC's Beyond the ACCtion blog has an inside look into how the conference's football schedule is made. According to the blog, the 2009 ACC football schedule will be released sometime in early February.

Some conferences, including the Big 12 and SEC, already have their conference games scheduled. However, because the ACC gives the television networks so much input into the schedule, we won't get ours for another two to three weeks.

Also, the Hokies will only have one bye week next year as conferences with title games have to play 12 games in 13 weeks in 2009. Personally, I'd like Tech's bye week to be Oct. 17 (OU/Texas Weekend), but it would probably be most beneficial to the Hokies to have a bye week between its non-conference and ACC slates on Oct. 3.

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Winfield Featherston said...

John Swofford is a little girl. But in actuality, the Big 12 and SEC especially have so many "good teams by name" that they don't have to worry about the TV networks wanting to pick them up.