Monday, April 6, 2009

Is it OK to Root Against UNC?

Some people say you should root for your conference. But I find that kind of difficult tonight as the Tar Heels go for a national title against Michigan State. The Tar Heels represent a last shot at ACC redemption for 2009, but at the same time I really want them to lose.

I don't want Tyler Hansbrough to win a national title in his final college game. I don't want Roy Williams to cut down the nets after spoiling Tech's shot at the Tournament. And I don't want Carolina to get the satisfaction of a national title after taking out both the Hokies and my alma mater.

Most of the time I'll root for the ACC. But I find this Carolina team too hate-able. I cheered for the Heels at the 2005 Final Four. But a lot of that had to do with how rude Illinois fans were that weekend.

It's the same with my love/hate of UConn. I wanted its 2004 team to win the title because of how much I like Okafor and Gordon. But I rooted against its 2006 team probably more so than any other college basketball team in my life because I couldn't tolerate the sight of Gay, Boone, Armstrong and Marcus Williams in the Final Four. I celebrated George Mason's Elite Eight win as if the Hokies were going to the Final Four.

I might do the same again tonight if Sparty can pull the upset.

What about you guys? Are you cheering for conference pride? Or for the Heels to go down in flames?




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cgb said...

I am definitely rooting against UNC tonight. The ACC has been a power for so many years that one bad tournament showing isn't going to do too much damage to the conference prestige.

C Gally said...

Some people say you should root for your conference.

These people are called Big East fans.

I hate almost every team in the ACC. If this were Duke, UNC, Maryland, BC, Florida State, Miami, UVA, or Georgia Tech I would want them to lose by 50. My hatred of the teams trumps my conference loyalty. Maybe if they'd stop being douches I'd see it differently.

(Also, I have Michigan State in my survivor pool.)