Monday, August 4, 2008

2008 Big 12 Football Prediction

Yeah, I'm probably crazy. But if Texas Tech is ever going to topple the apple cart, this is the year they're going to do it. Everyone's back and the team got a lot better on defense under Ruffin McNeal after he was named defensive coordinator following the OSU debacle.

1. Missouri
2. Nebraska
3. Colorado
4. Kansas
5. Kansas State
6. Iowa State

- Kansas' schedule is not very favorable this year. They play Texas Tech, Texas and Oklahoma. Ouch. That's three conference losses right there. Add on Mizzou and a Nebraska team looking for revenge and you have a team that could finish with a losing record in the Big 12. I actually think I'm giving them too much credit by putting them at No. 4 in the division.

1. Texas Tech
2. Oklahoma
3. Texas
4. Oklahoma State
5. Texas A&M
6. Baylor

- The possible spoiler here is Oklahoma State. I like their quarterback, Zac Robinson. Oklahoma State will lose to a team they aren't supposed to, but they'll also beat someone they aren't supposed to. OU should watch out when they go to Stillwater.

Big 12 Championship - Kansas City
Texas Tech over Missouri

- Even though it's in KC, I'm not at all sold on Chase Daniel.

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