Tuesday, August 5, 2008

2008 SEC Football Prediction

OK, here's the rub: Georgia beats both Florida and LSU, but loses to Auburn. LSU beats Auburn, but loses to both Georgia and Florida. Florida and Georgia both go 7-1 in conference, but Georgia goes to the SEC title game because it beat Florida in the regular season.

SEC East
1. Georgia
2. Florida
3. South Carolina
4. Tennessee
5. Kentucky
6. Vanderbilt

- South Carolina could play spoiler for Georgia. The two teams meet early in the season. The Gamecocks were a very good team that was derailed by injuries last year. If they find a quarterback, watch out.

SEC West
1. Auburn
2. LSU
3. Mississippi State
4. Alabama
5. Arkansas
6. Ole Miss

- This division will be a cluster, but Auburn is the class of the division. The spoiler could be Arkansas, if they find a quarterback. Outside of Tebow and Stafford, the SEC lacks good quarterback play.

SEC Championship - Atlanta
Georgia over Auburn

- Georgia wins the rematch, which could put it in the national championship game.

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