Friday, August 22, 2008

2008 National Football Predictions

Rose Bowl
Jan. 1 - Pasadena, Calif.
USC over Ohio State
- Yep, it's a rematch. Unlike the first game, I won't be watching.

Orange Bowl
Jan. 1 - Miami Gardens, Fla.
Virginia Tech over Oklahoma
- Two teams that don't perform very well in BCS games. I've been waiting for this match-up since I saw OU beat Tech 27-17 in the early '90s.

Sugar Bowl
Jan. 2 - New Orleans, La.
West Virginia over Clemson
- A second ACC team in a BCS bowl? Hooray! Oh, great, they're playing West Virginia. For some reason, the Mountaineers are really good in bowl lately after struggling in them for years.

Fiesta Bowl
Jan. 5 - Glendale, Ariz.
Texas Tech over BYU
- Points! Oogles of delicious, gooey points!

BCS Championship Game
Jan. 8 - Miami Gardens, Fla.
Georgia over Florida
- Another rematch. Yep, dat der ess-eee-see is the best got-damn foobaw conference in the whole got-damn nation. All dem utter conferences is jis playin' for sekin' place.


John Gordon said...

I'm just wondering if you've done any research on UNC. At this point, it sounds like you just think UNC isn't any good at football just because of the name. Every year I see the talking heads think dook will be a top 10 team in college basketball for the same reason. I just expected you to realize that from time to time, UNC does produce not only good, solid NFL quality players, but a solid football team as well. The schedule is in their favor this year, and they are gonna be the second seed in the atlantic division. Also, USC will beat OU in the BCS championship. Ohio State will lose the USC early in the year and the voters won't put them back in the championship game.

Brian said...

UNC is in the Coastal, thus making it impossible to finish 2nd in the Atlantic.

John Gordon said...

Wow, way to point out the obvious. I made a mistake, okay? Any other insights for us?