Sunday, August 31, 2008

Week 1 ACC Post-Mortem

Don't worry, thoughts and analysis of Virginia Tech's loss to East Carolina will come later today. Up first this afternoon: The flaming ball of embarrassment that was the Atlantic Coast Conference in Week 1.

We thought after bowl season that there was no way things could get worse for the conference. Well, they did. Perception = Reality.

Alabama 34, Clemson 10: The team with the powerful offense and impenetrable defense that was supposed to sweep through the ACC and content for a national title was completely dismantled by a tougher, better-coached Alabama team. Did you see those shots of Tommy Bowden on the sideline during this disaster? The fact he wasn't fired this morning is astonishing. Thunder and Lightning combined for 20 yards on eight carries. Four of Clemson's five drives in the first half lasted less than two minutes.

USC 52, Virginia 7:
Everyone figured this would be the story, so I won't go in-depth on this one. However, I will say this. Average yards per play: USC 7.2, UVa 3.3.

Maryland 14, Delaware 7:
Get off the bandwagon, Heather Dinich. This team is terrible. Again.

South Carolina 34, NC State 0: Things looked a lot better with Russell Wilson as QB, but that's not saying much. Could Mike Glennon be much worse than their other options?

North Carolina 35, McNeese State 27: This game was tied at 14 at the half and McNeese led 20-14 before the Heels rattled off 21 unanswered points. I give the Tar Heels points for not wilting, but this was freaking McNeese State. Why was this game close? Because the Carolina offense made it that way. Its first three drives included two three-and-outs and a fumble on the second play. The Cowboys also out-gained the Tar Heels.

Boston College 21, Kent State 0: The Eagles are who we thought they were: Good field, no hit. Their defense is stout. The offense will improve.

Duke 31, James Madison 7: Good win for the Dukies in their first game under Cutcliffe. I still say they start the season 3-0.

Georgia Tech 41, Jacksonville State 14: We'll find out a lot more about the Yellow Jackets next week against Boston College. They didn't show their hand much against Jax State and didn't run the triple option a lot. I bet that changes next week.

Miami 52, Charleston Southern 7:
The 'Canes looked like the 'Canes against a vastly inferior opponent.

Wake Forest 41, Baylor 13: The Deacs were the most impressive ACC team this week. They'll be at the top of the power poll for next week. They have to be the favorite to win the conference.


Brian said...

Tough loss this weekend.

Curious what you meant by "Good field, no hit" for the Eagles.

furrer4heisman said...

A baseball scout named Mike Gonzalez gave a classic report on a young catcher named Moe Berg (of The Catcher was a Spy fame). It was simple, precise and to the point: "Good field, no hit."

It's used nowadays to describe any player that's good defensively and lacks any offensive prowess.