Monday, September 1, 2008

Where Was Macho Harris Saturday?

I'm glad Macho didn't play Saturday against ECU. I hope he doesn't play against Furman, either, so his ankle can heal in time for two mission critical games against Georgia Tech and North Carolina. But why wasn't Macho in Charlotte Saturday with his team?

Isn't he supposed to be one of the leaders of the defense? The fact he wasn't there says a lot in my opinion. With inexperienced players at both cornerback positions, he should have been there in street clothes. He could have been encouraging the defense, letting them know what they were doing wrong and acting as another coach on the sideline.

Sometimes constructive criticism from a peer, especially a senior like Macho, sinks in better than criticism from a coach. Why wasn't Macho there? Maybe he's not a leader on defense.

However, he's still the best player the Hokies have on D and could have made a difference on Saturday in such a closely-contested game. He needs to get healthy if the Hokies want to content for an ACC crown. Right now, he's in my doghouse, but we're going to need him.

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