Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thoughts on Glennon

It took all of one week for the experiment to end. Sean Glennon was given the offense all to himself and failed not only to equal last year's dreadful offense, but to even do enough to beat East Carolina, a team the Big Least won't touch.

You can't blame it all on Glennon for Saturday's debacle. He had a lot of help. He had an offensive line that stopped all pass and run-blocking in the fourth quarter and had an OC that repeatedly went against conventional wisdom of what do do in certain situations. He ran when he should have passed, passed when he should have ran and was always one play behind what East Carolina was doing.

But some of the blame is deserving. Glennon was rarely accurate with his passes, seemed uneasy in the pocket and threw two bonehead interceptions. Glennon is good at checking down to open receivers, but that's not what this offense needs. It needs a field general, not the ACC's answer to Craig Krenzel. The Hokies simply don't have the talent to have a guy at quarterback who is not only immobile, but afraid to take chances.

Add that to the fact that Glennon has struggled to start the season all three years he's been given the keys to the kingdom. He has simply failed to get better between seasons in both 2007 and 2008. The Hokies can't afford to have their starting quarterback start from scratch every year.

Glennon played well in the Hokies run to the Peach Bowl [sic] and last year's ACC title, but is simply not a good enough quarterback to compensate for Tech's dearth of talent on offense this year.

It's finally time for the Sean Glennon era at Virginia Tech to end and the Tyrod Taylor era to begin. You'll notice under the labels of this blog there's one titled "Defending Glennon." That's because until Saturday, I thought Sean Glennon was a good college quarterback. He isn't. Sure, he'll get better as the year goes on, help Tech win a couple games and maybe even lead the team to a conference title.

But he's not a good college quarterback. Nate Hybl won a Big 12 title without being a good college quarterback. He simply didn't screw it up for an excellent defense and talented offense. Glennon did that the last two years. This year, the defense is down and Eddie Royal et al are gone. And so are Glennon's chances of being successful.

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