Thursday, September 18, 2008

Let's Do Some Lines: Week 4

Here's a look at the Week 4 ACC lines with my picks in bold. All lines are from Bodog, the official illegal online gambling site of furrer4heisman:

East Carolina -7.5 at NC State
- Yeah, I know they'll probably get blown out. I don't care.
UCF +10.5 at BC
- Still unsure about BC's offense.
Mississippi State +8.5 at Georgia Tech
- Shutout?
Eastern Michigan +21 at Maryland
- Back to earth time.
Virginia Tech +3 at North Carolina
- I just have a bad feeling about this one.
Miami -4 at Texas A&M
- I've decided that, this season, betting on a road team that's giving points is about as smart as coming between John Holmes and a line of coke.
Wake Forest +4 at Florida State
- I've changed my mind on this game. It'll be high scoring, which favors FSU, IMO.

Other teams I like this week:

Air Force +8 vs. Utah
- I'm going to bet on the Falcons until they lose me money. Could be this week.
Arizona State +7 vs. Georgia
- Because they lost to UNLV last week.
Texas -30 vs. Rice
- Just like they did to UTEP.
Tennessee +7.5 vs. Florida
- Phil Fulmer is the worst coach in D-I, when you take into consideration how much talent he has had over the years. However ... At home. Getting points. It's not like Tennessee is bereft of talent here.
Mississippi -6.5 vs. Vanderbilt
- If Vandy wins on the road, I'll officially be impressed.

How I did last week against the spread:

ACC: 3-3
Correct: Duke, Georgia Tech, UConn
Wrong: Rutgers, Cal, Clemson (by half a point!)
Nation: 2-1
Correct: Air Force, Mississippi State
Wrong: Texas Tech (by half a point!)
DNP: Texas

Year to date:

ACC: 10-6
Nation: 10-3
Overall: 20-9


thelegacyx4 said...

Florida State makes me nervous. I like Wake. Wake has beaten "quality" teams. FSU has beaten two 1-AA by huge margins. Toss up.

Brian said...

I'm out. Not following her blog anymore.

Consider her un-RSSed.

Also, go with Wake. FSU has played the 209th hardest schedule in Div 1.

furrer4heisman said...

i was wondering what your reaction would be to her s/u ucf pick. sounds like an appropriate one.

i dont know. all the numbers say to pick wake. they're 4-1 against the spread vs. fsu in their last five. but i dont think they can win a track meet against fsu, which is what i think saturday night will be.

cgb said...

I respect what Wake has done unfortunately FSU is going to beat them senseless.

Brian said...

furrer - you are forgetting that while all bowden coached teams have loads of talent, they have no heart.

hokieglenn said...

Funny after several years of being solid, betters just still aren't sold on Wake. Their lines never reflect their quality. Makes them a good team the bet one (though I haven't checked any stats).