Thursday, September 25, 2008

Let's Do Some Lines: Week 5

Here are the lines from the ACC for Week 5 with my picks in bold. All lines are from Bodog, the official illegal online gambling site of furrer4heisman.

Virginia +7 at Duke
- Duke is favored. And they should be.
North Carolina +8 at Miami
- Until UNC's new QB proves themselves, I'm not picking the Heels.
Maryland +11 at Clemson
- Tigers' offensive line issues worry me.
Colorado +6 vs. Florida State
Buffs + humidity = fail.
Navy +16 at Wake Forest
Lots of points, unlike last week's Wake game.
South Florida -9 at NC State
- No W with out Wilson.
Virginia Tech +7 at Nebraska
- Please?

Other teams I like:

UConn +3 at Louisville
- Luhvull isn't as good as K-State made them.
Florida -22 vs. Ole Miss
- Unless Vandy is just a juggernaut.
Auburn -7 vs. Tennessee
- Betting against Tennessee may become my new favorite hobby.
Fresno State -7 at UCLA
- See above.
Oklahoma -19 vs. TCU
Stoops + revenge game at home = pain.

How I did last week against the spread:

ACC: 2-5
Correct: NC State, Georgia Tech
Wrong: UCF, EMU, UNC, A&M, FSU
Nation: 2-3
Correct: Air Force, Texas
Wrong: ASU, Tenn, Ole Miss

Year to date:

ACC: 12-11
Nation: 12-6
Total: 24-17


Anonymous said...

Auburn vs. Tennessee is a cripple fight. Both teams suck.

furrer4heisman said...

Amazing fact I found while researching that game was that Auburn has one of the best defensive third down conversion rates and one of the worst offensive third down conversion rates. The Soccer Game in Starkville may not be an anomaly.

Brian said...

I'm back to complain about HD picking Maryland straight up over Clemson. In Death Valley ... really?! This is getting out of control.