Monday, September 8, 2008

Week 2 ACC Power Poll

There was a lot less carnage in the ACC in Week 2. However, we did learn that this league is full of a lot of exceptional defenses and lackluster offenses. We also learned Maryland is worse than Godsmack.

Week 2
1. Wake Forest
2. Georgia Tech
3. Florida State
4. Clemson
5. Boston College
6. Miami
7. Virginia Tech
8. North Carolina
9. Virginia
10. Duke
11. NC State
12. Maryland


- Last year, UVa went to MTSU and needed a last second field goal to come away with a win. This year, Maryland succeeded where UVa failed and actually lost to the Blue Raiders.

- If Tyrell Sutton weren't a badass, Duke would be 2-0.

- Georgia Tech and Boston College have great defenses. Michael Johnson is unstoppable for the Yellow Jackets.

- Chris Crane is a homeless man's Scott Frost. Too bad BC doesn't run the option.

- Virginia Tech's offense ... uh ... needs help.

- NC State has played three quarterbacks this season. None are very good at football.

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