Friday, September 5, 2008

ACC Best of the Blogs: Week 1

The weekend from hell took its toll on some ACC bloggers. Here's a look at the blog orgy during Week 1:

Boston College

BC Interuption: Over/Under: Georgia Tech, Power Rankings and Superfan Shirts
"It's not really BC's fault this game was poorly attended. Kent State didn't hold up their end of the bargain, and there would have been a lot more fans in the stadium had the game been played in Dix Stadium. Not to mention the game was hardly marketed at all. Plus, most of these BCS schools from the Big Ten, Big XII or SEC don't even know what it's like to go to an away football game against a (historically bad) MAC team."

Eagle in Atlanta: BC-Georgia Tech preview
"Johnson’s success is not just schematics. If it were, every school would use the offense. He’s been successful by teaching it well and by calling great games. While this is only their second game of live action we cannot assume that they will not execute or know what they are doing. Johnson will have them ready."


Block-C: Short Musings on Bowden
"He can’t and/or won’t make adjustments during the game. This is his biggest pit fall. He also said in his Tuesday new conference that he will not change how he prepares for games. HEY TOMMY, YOU MIGHT WANNA RETHINK THAT, THAT WAS A PRETTY BAD GAME LAST WEEK. Then he announced he started calling other coaches for what to do (HT: Sean). You’ve been at it here for a decade and we’re paying you millions of dollars, shouldn’t you ALREADY KNOW WHAT TO DO? What a crock. Seriously though, that game was so bad that Dragoncon was in town and after the Bama loss I was the one who felt embarrassed for the clothing I was wearing."

Georgia Tech

The Legacy x4: It's not as bad as it looks. Yeah, I said it.
"Right now the ACC is the laughingstock of the college football world, and rightly so. The only team from the ACC that is ranked right now is Wake Forest. Now, I don’t mean any insult to the Deacs, but that would basically be like Vanderbilt becoming a top team in the SEC in 5 years from now. No one would give them their full credit, everyone in the SEC would still say “whatever, they are just Vandy,” and everyone outside of the SEC would make fun of the conference for having Vandy as their best team."

GT Sports: Negating Speed
"Boston College head coach Jeff Jagodzinski keeps referring to our offense as the wishbone. I wonder why? He absolutely, positively knows it is not the wishbone. We can probably assume that he knows Paul Johnson does not like it called the "wishbone". So why does he do it? Is he trying to make Johnson think he doesn't truly understand the system? Is he trying to get under Johnson's skin? Is he just ignorant?"

Florida State

Scalp 'Em: Weatherford Out, Ponder In As FSU Starting QB
"To Drew Weatherford: Drew, I’m one of the few fans that thought you deserved one last shot. I still think you’re going to get in there and play, but if you don’t I know you have the character to handle this news. Throughout your career at FSU, you’ve been thrown in and out of starting QB, spent a lot of time on your backside and cheered on guys that didn’t give you the same effort they gave Xavier Lee. I hope you do well with the playing time you get this year, and I hope you continue to be the great teammate that everyone says you are. Regardless of stats, #11 will always be one of my favorite QBs."

Tomahawk Nation:
Ponder Is Proof That Times Are Changing...
"Any speculation that Bobby Bowden would stand in the way was proven to be wrong and is the next step in the handover of this program to Fisher. Anyone who spoke to the head coach in waiting over the last three months knew that he was excited about seeing Ponder go after the starting job. They knew he was excited about the potential of bringing in a guy a little more mobile, a little more accurate and a little more of a playmaking."


Turtle Waxing: Steffy out, Turner back in
"I knew that Turner would see the field again but I would not have guessed it would be after the first game. Friedgen's pride wouldn't allow him to admit that starting Steffy was the wrong call but the injury has forced his hand. For his part Fridge engaged in a spirited and slightly bizarre defense of Steffy to reporters the other day. Some of the things he said gave me even more reason for concern than his explanation for benching Turner in place of Steffy. It is clear from his comments he has a deep personal loyalty to Steffy."


Hall of Canes: Prove It
"I have high hopes for Marve and his backup, Jacory Harris. Both were studs in high school, winning Mr. Florida Football in 2006 and 2007 respectively. But this is another level. The Gators aren't just college football, they are elite college football with numerous guys on the path to NFL riches."

NC State

StateFans Nation: Coach O’Brien’s comments don’t fit NC State
"WOW! A ‘performance-based organization‘!? In West Raleigh? What in the world is that? TOB may want to take some time and explain such a thing to the folks who think accolades and employment are an extension of natural rights conveyed to people who do nothing more than breathe and sustain life."


The Good Ol' Blog: Richmond week: London confident
"There’s some chatter on the Edge Board* that Mike London is very confident about his team’s chances on Saturday. Now, I don’t know if the particular comments attributed to London are true, but I wouldn’t blame him for thinking his currnet team can beat his former team. He certainly knows Virginia’s weaknesses on both its defense (since he coordinated it) and its offense (since he practiced against it). And now he has a nice video tape of Virginia’s weaknesses being exploited to the tune of a 40+ point beat down. Richmond is now Southern Cal, but it’s no patsy either. Virginia is in serious danger of starting 0-2."

From Old Virginia: Lalich update
"Some are saying it's time to just cut our losses here, boot Lalich, and start Deke all season. It's too soon for that - what Lalich's been up to still doesn't rise to the level of stealing shit, and guys have been kept on the team even with that on their records. But I hope the judge comes down on his ass. Frankly, Lalich should sit on Saturday, and he should sit the game after his court date, too. Like Pavlov's dog, he needs to get it through his thick skull: Court = Bad. Court = No Play Football. He needs the association. Because this notion that a drug is more important than a scholarship worth at least a hundred grand is retarded."

Virginia Tech

College Game Balls: How to be a College Football Fanatic in a Rebuilding Year
"7. Change the conversation early and make it personal. ”Hey Jerry, wow your boys got their asses kic…” “Isn’t your wife cheating on you with Chuck?”"

Wake Forest

Old Gold and Blog: Some perspective: Wake and ACC Football
"I do not think the two statements are eternally mutually exclusive, but right now they probably are. For one, Wake's rise to national prominence is new, and national perception is still that Wake is a "weak" team and program. Wake doesn't have any history of beating big names outside the ACC, and that presents a major hurdle. Even beating Louisville two years ago wouldn't have fixed that, and wins over Baylor, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt this season won't do a whole lot of good either."

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