Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hate Index No. 2

The Hate Index is a sometimes-updated feature here on Gobbler Country in which I let all of our rivals and enemies know how much I loathe them. It doesn't have to just include teams. It can be specific players or even members of the media. The first installment was a crash-course in Gobbler Country hateration and can be viewed by clicking here. All aboard the Hate Train.

OK, this isn't so much an update of the Hate Index as much as it is taking the opportunity to brag and then make fun of our primary rivals. Sure, this will probably ensure that we'll lose to Nebraska. Karma is a bitch that way. But, hey, what the hell...

Virginia (1-2)

Only win so far this year was a very unimpressive win over Richmond. Lost to USC and UConn by a combined 736 points*. And their starting quarterback was kicked off the team for drinking underage. So far, its been a pretty good start of the season for the Hoos. Have fun try to beat the spread against Dook, ass holes.

Hey, remember when Virginia Tech was known as the thug school? Well, I don't remember us ever having to kick both the starting and future quarterback off the team. Of course, both Sewell and Lalich will probably be back on the depth chart next year. Buncha classless cheaters who will win at any cost.

* - Rough estimate.

West Virginia (1-2)

Nice coach you guys got there. He's a homeless man's Joe Kines. The inmates are officially running the asylum at WVU. The couches are safe, but the coaches may be ignited soon.

Tennessee (1-2)

So far the Clawfense has been a wild success for the Vols as they continue to confuse defenses and pile on points. Actually, they suck worse than before as Fulmer continues to get outcoached by the best and also most mediocre coaches in college football. They lost to UCLA, who since then have lost two games by a combined 80 points. After beating UAB, the Vols failed to score a touchdown against Florida. Arian Foster should be one of the best running backs in the country. Too bad Clawson makes me almost appreciate the offensive wizardry of Bryan Stinespring.

UVa, WVU and UT's wins have been over Richmond, Villanova and UAB, respectively. Maybe the Hoos and Eers should join the CAA.

Hate Index Update


Nothin' But Love
1. Duke Football
2. Clemson
3. Georgia Tech
4. NC State
5. Wake Forest
Mildly Annoying
6. Boston College
7. Maryland
May Your Canals Be Filled With Sand
8. Florida State
9. North Carolina
10. Miami
11. Duke Basketball
12. Virginia

Non Conference

Nothin' But Love
1. Oklahoma
2. Ohio State
3. Air Force ($$$)
Mildly Annoying
4. The SEC (minus Tennessee)
5. East Carolina
May Your Canals Be Filled With Sand
6. Michigan
7. Louisville
8. Texas
9. Tennessee
West Virginia
10. West Virginia

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Hokie Guru said...

F4H, I will never have love for Duke Football... or Duke... or UNC... that's redemption forever... they voted against our inclusion to the ACC.