Friday, September 5, 2008

What to Watch vs. Furman



Expect Tyrod Taylor to make his move toward becoming the No. 1 quarterback against Furman. If he doesn't, we're in big, big trouble. Sean Glennon is a serviceable quarterback, but isn't going to lead this offense to big numbers. He's Grant Noel.

Running Back

If Ryan Williams doesn't get any PT against Furman, you can bet he's getting redshirted. I think he'll get carries and be impressive enough to see time against GT and UNC. Darren Evans will get the most carries in the first half.

Wide Receiver/Tight End

The middle of the field should be open against Furman's 4-2-5 defense. Get the ball to Boone early and often. Also, hope for less drops from the young wide outs.

Offensive Line

Needs to be like Eddie Murphy in Bowfinger: "Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together!"


Defensive Line

Get pressure. Stop run. Rinse. Repeat. Also, watch the second team defensive tackles try to shed blocks. It'll be fun to watch. And by fun, I of course mean sad.


Somebody make a tackle. Please?


Macho Harris plans to play? Why? So he can aggravate his ankle injury so we have to play a completely overmatched Rock Carmichael at boundary corner against GT and its triple option? Maybe I should just start mixing my bourbon with paint thinner now.

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