Saturday, September 6, 2008

VT-Furman Game Post

Post your comments on the Furman game here if you're watching the game online or listening to Bill Roth. Go Hokies!

ACC Select video
ISP Radio feed

"From the blue waters of the Chesapeake Bay to the hills of Tennessee, the Virginia Tech Hokies are on the air!"


furrer4heisman said...

Big problems with ACCSelect. Currently listening to the game on XM and watching BC-GT.

furrer4heisman said...

offensive line playing much better in the second half. neither qb is allowed to get in rhythm because of the constant rotation. someone needs to be named the primary qb.

cgb said...

I wonder what the logic was in taking out TT on 3rd and goal after he drove them all the way down the field? BS needs to be shown the door and quickly.

Hokie Guru said...

I'm linking to your blog, F4H.

Hokie Guru