Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lets Do Some Lines: Week 3

Here's a look at the ACC lines for Week 3 with my picks in bold. All lines are from Bodog, the official illegal online gambling site of furrer4heisman:

North Carolina +5 at Rutgers
- North Carolina is 0-20 in its last 20 road games outside of North Carolina.
Navy +1.5 at Duke
- Duke has played well so far and Navy didn't look too hot at Ball State.
NC State +18.5 at Clemson
- The key will be the NCSU offense (the stoppable force) against the Clemson defense (the movable object).
Cal -14 at Maryland
- When a good team plays a really, really bad team, bet on the good team.
Georgia Tech +7 at Virginia Tech
Virginia +11 at Connecticut
- But f4h, UConn needed OT to beat Temple! Who cares? Temple isn't THAT terrible anymore and the game was played in a tropical storm. If you have Donald Brown on your fantasy team, I have good news for you.

Other teams I like this week:

Texas Tech -36.5 vs. SMU
- Yeah, I know that's a lot of points.
Texas -24 vs. Arkansas
- Read my comment about the Cal game.
Mississippi State +10 vs. Auburn
- That's a lot of points to be getting at home.
Air Force +4.5 at Houston
- Don't know why, but I love the Falcons.

How I did last week against the spread:

ACC: 3-1
Correct: Ole Miss, Duke, Florida
Wrong: BC
Nation: 3-2
Correct: Temple, Air Force, Arizona State
Wrong: Notre Dame, Nevada

Year to Date:

ACC: 7-3
Nation: 8-2
Overall: 15-5


Brian said...

Something a little too unholy picking against your team ATS.

Take it from someone whose team knows a few things about gambling scandals ...

furrer4heisman said...

this is the first time i've ever bet against the hokies.

Brian said...

Didn't realize you were actually betting. I think the Hokies can take care of Tech. BC let one get away from them due to pretty terrible QB play.

furrer4heisman said...

i have somewhat of a gambling problem. i bet strictly on college football and soccer, though.