Friday, September 26, 2008

What to Watch vs. Nebraska


- Nebraska will be able to get pressure. Ndamukong Suh (en-dom-ah-ken SUE) is a talented (and large) defensive tackle who will be able to get pressure up the middle and also clog running lanes.

- Suh, pictured above against New Mexico State, presents a challenge the Hokies haven't face this year. He's able to pressure the quarterback up the middle. In the last two games, pressure on Tyrod Taylor has come largely from the defensive ends, allowing him to move up in the pocket and escape to the open field. Against the Huskers, Tyrod will more often than not be flushed to one side of the pocket or the other.

- I actually think this will help Tyrod. For one, he's a short guy and getting forced outside the pocket will help him see receivers downfield. Also, his speed and agility is best used on the sidelines, especially against a defense that shows a lot of man coverage in the secondary. Instead of escaping the pocket up the middle, where defensive tackles and linebackers were often waiting for him, he'll be forced to the boundaries, where cornerbacks and safeties will be covering receivers and not focusing on Tyrod. Also, Tech's receivers are good blockers, which serves them well in this scenario.

- I think Nebraska will be able to stop the run early, but the Hokies will eventually wear them down on the ground and will be able to gain yards late in the game. That's if they decide to stick with the game plan (a la North Carolina) instead of ditch it and panic (a la Kansas).

- If the Huskers are able to stop the run and contain Tyrod, I think you'll see Sean Glennon play a significant role. Glennon will be able to throw on Nebraska's secondary if needed.


- Nebraska's receivers are deceptive. They are primarily possession receivers, so technique and positioning will be crucial for the secondary. However, they if you get lulled to sleep, they're able to break a big play, especially Nate Swift.

- I think the Hokies will be able to stop the Nebraska ground game. The defensive line has improved every week.

- Quarterback Joe Ganz has good moves when out of the pocket. Don't think he can't hurt you with his feet. Containment will be key for the Hokies, just like the Huskers.

- I think this is the game Macho Harris finally breaks out and gets a pick.


- Someone on defense will make a play that wins us this game.

Check the box score for:
1. Turnovers
2. NU third down %
3. VT yards per rush
4. NU sacks

VT Players to Watch
1 - Macho Harris, Sr., CB
19 - Danny Coale, Fr., WR
33 - Brett Warren, Sr., LB
7 - Sean Glennon, Sr., QB

NU Players to Watch
93 - Ndamukong Suh, Jr., NT
12 - Joe Ganz, Sr., QB
6 - Armando Murillo, Sr., CB
87 - Nate Swift, Sr., WR

Score: Virginia Tech 27, Nebraska 23


cgb said...

I am waiting until after the game to do a post. I will say this: I hope the coaches were not moved by Glennon's 1/1 12 yard performance against UNC. I think we need to run more bootlegs and get Tyrod setup to throw outside of the pocket where he can use his speed and have better vision.

Go Hokies!

Timart said...

I am not waiting for Sean Glennon. I think if we see him things won't be good and I don't trust his head to be in it to bring us back if we are down.