Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What They're Saying About the QBs

Here's what mainstreamers and bloggers alike are saying about Beamer's decision to play Tyrod this season:

Kyle Tucker, Virginian-Pilot: "My hunch is that Sean Glennon’s days of significant snaps are numbered. Why? Because just one week ago today Rodney Taylor, Tyrod’s dad, was telling me they chose to redshirt the kid because he had no interest in sharing time."

Darryl Slater, Richmond Times-Dispatch: "You’d think that if Beamer is going to pull Taylor’s redshirt, he’d plan to give him significant snaps. It seems unwise to use another year of Taylor’s eligibility by splitting time with Glennon, as he did last season."

Aaron McFarling, Roanoke Times: "Taking the redshirt off Tyrod Taylor doesn't just mean he's going to play; it means he's going to play a lot. Sean Glennon? Barring injury, he just went from "the guy" to "change-of-pace guy" in three days."

David Teel, Newport News Daily Press: "In retreating so quickly, Beamer and his staff appear indecisive, panicked and easily manipulated. But better to change course now than several weeks and who-knows-how-many defeats into the season."

Heather Dinich, ESPN:
"On the surface, this decision shows a lack of faith in Glennon to get the job done on his own, it shows reason to be concerned about the development of the offensive line, and it says that Kenny Lewis' team-high 58 yards aren't gonna cut it."

Patrick Hite, ACC Nation: "So, let me get this straight, you go through the entire spring and summer, decide at nearly the last possible moment that the team will be fine with Glennon as the only quarterback and then after one game — a game that Tech would have won if not for a special-teams breakdown at the end — decide to undo a decision that was, presumably, in the making for five months or so?"

Matt Hinton, Yahoo!: "Taylor may not be a better passer, yet, but he has a better arm than Glennon, far more time to develop it, and in the meantime has the wheels to do some good otherwise. The smart money was always on the kid wresting the job for himself, and with the faint of heart still nervous over this "redshirt" nonsense, now you can double down."

Chris Coleman, "I’ll have to admit, I’m relieved that Taylor is playing for another reason. I have despised the rift in the Tech fanbase about Sean Glennon over the past couple of years. If you listed to the Hokie Hotline last night, it was pretty clear that Beamer isn’t happy about it either. He blasted the Tech fans who have been blasting Glennon. And as a board monitor of the biggest Virginia Tech message board on the internet, I have to say that I’m happy Taylor is playing."

College Game Balls: "The biggest negative I see is that Glennon will still be taking snaps. This should be Tyrod’s team and we should allow him to develop a cohesion with the new receivers and help the seniors have a winning and memorable season. All in all I am happy with the move. However, I wish we weren’t blinded by loyalty at the beginning of the season. Regardless of seniority if we want to win as many games as possible we need to take a USC like approach to the depth chart: the best players will play."

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