Monday, September 8, 2008

6-Day Option Taken on VT-UNC

Tech's game against UNC Sept. 20 will be at either noon on Raycom or 3:30 on ABC/ESPN. However, we won't know until Sunday.

Obviously, it will depend on how the ACC teams fare this weekend. UNC play at Rutgers on the Thursday night special and the Hokies host Georgia Tech at 3:30 on Saturday.

It doesn't matter which time-slot the Hokies are on, it means I won't be able to see them without paying for it on Game Plan. Full season of Game Plan isn't exactly worth it where I live because I already get the Big Ten Network, Fox Sports Net, ABC, NBC, CBS, ESPN Networks and Raycom SEC games. The only games I miss out on happen to be the ACC games. Good luck getting your roommates to pony up over $100 just so you can see out-of-market ACC games.

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