Friday, September 26, 2008

ACC Best of the Blogs: Week 4


Corn Nation: ESPN Holds Ticketholders Hostage with "Sometime After" 8 pm Kickoff
"The Big XII conference announced today that the Nebraska-Missouri game would be televised by ESPN was met with two reactions from Husker fans: "Cool!" or "F***." Which group you are in depends on two factors: where you live and whether you have tickets."


BC Interuption: Resume Ranking Game
"Jeff: Today we play a game that is commonly played on ESPN before the NCAA tournament brackets come out so that people evaluate a team based on what they've done and not what their name is. I am going to give Brian ten teams and their wins and losses so far this season and who they beat based on their national rankings. After Brian ranks them 1-10 I will tell him who the teams are, where I got the rankings, and why he is wrong."

Eagle in Atlanta: Marketing that works: Parents Weekend Patsies
"1. Parents don’t care who we play. They are in town to see their kids, see the campus, go out to dinner, and sample the BC experience. They hear about the tailgating. They see BC on TV. Now they get a chance to go to a BC game. They are willing to see any game. So it’s not Notre Dame or Clemson. It’s still BC football. And by playing a patsies, a win is highly likely, which sends them home happy."


Block-C: Extreme Korn Report: Blarrrrrg
"HORSESHIT, COACH BOWDEN.How DARE you reject my chatter to install WILLY KORN as quarterback for life?!? I’m a reactionary alcoholic so ever since I read this garbage I’ve been mainlining the MOST EXTREME LIQUOR DRINK KNOWN TO MAN. Vodka-SURGE martini with a twist of kerosene. EXPLOSIVO. What’s that? You don’t have stockpiles of a soda that went out of production 7 years ago? You dumb asshole. Even Wikipedia knows it’s the MOST EXTREME SOFT DRINK KNOWN TO MAN."


Scalp 'Em: Drew Weatherford Got The Shaft
"Drew Weatherford got and is currently getting the shaft, and quite frankly I’m sick of it. You’d think from some of the message board posts, blogs and reports that the guy couldn’t tie his shoes without help, or that he needs assistance throwing a ball. Guess what? He doesn’t."

Tomahawk Nation: Hey Bobby, don't forget the sunscreen
"Get out. Seriously. Leave our program. You have some of the lowest admission standards in the country and your program is in the middle of the most fertile recruiting ground in the world, yet you don't care that you've lit this well-oiled machine on fire and crashed it into a ditch? Wonderful, old man. FSU's fans don't demand National Championships every year. They do, however, demand and deserve a coaching staff that is committed and qualified to the chase. Bowden no longer fits that bill, and hasn't for over a half decade. I wish he would step out and get down to that beach. We know he won't yet, because he fears the "next big event after retirement.", a reference to the fate of his idol, Bear Bryant, who died soon after retirement."


The Legacy x4: Yes, bye weeks suck...

GT Sports: Overdue Post-Game Thoughts - Mississippi State
"I'm sure you're more interested in the game. However, when you're there with your wife and young kids, it's hard to focus completely on the happenings on the field. That's fine by me though, as Saturday was about the family first. So here are my stream of consciousness thoughts."


Hall of Canes: Bad Blood for NC?
"Former Canes Coach Butch Davis, now at North Carolina, apparently bad-mouthed current UM boss Randy Shannon during recruiting season, saying there would likely be a new leader brought in if Miami's program had another losing season."


Carolina March: UNC to Suspend Football Season Until Congress Passes Wall Street Bailout
"CHAPEL HILL, NC: Butch Davis today announced that he would suspend the 2008 college football season on Thursday and seek a delay until at least mid-November so that he could return to Washington to try to forge a consensus on a financial bailout package."

Tar Heel Fan: So Why Is Butch Davis Thinking About Using Two QBs?
"Let me state upfront. I have zero love for a two QB system. The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named’s use of the QB-by-committee during the great debacle of 2006 turned me off to the use of two QBs in a game. In my mind you need one voice in that huddle and the offense is acclimated to that one individual. In my opinion when you change up QBs during the game, you give the rest of the players in the offensive unit something else to think about. It just seems to invite instablilty."

Tar Heel Mania: Hello, Deer. Have You Met Headlights?
"Mike Paulus: Yeah, I am sooo pumped for this game, even though I’m probably not going to see a snap. But hey, if I’m in the game, it;s because you’ve slammed the door shut, T.J. Now let’s kick some! Let’s go, T.J.! Let’s go, Quan! Let’s go, Greg! WHOOOOOOOO!!!"


Section Six: I'm not concerned.
"Goddamn vending machine's out of cinnabuns again."

StateFans Nation:
Preparing for a Full Night of Harrison Beck
"As a devout reader of the hilarious NFL Blog known to fans as KSK, I can’t help but think of their Rex Grossman posts everytime Harrison Beck enters the game - particularly this one (warning - more bad language than a BJD95 live blog that involves UNC or Duke)."

Yet another... Q&A with's Joel Smith
"I was approached this week by Joel Smith of, a blog dedicated to South Florida and UF athletics, to partake in a Q&A exchange between the two sites. I thought, sure, what the hell!"


Good Ol' Blog: Duke week: The most important game of the season
"A superb article (hat-tip KnoxvegasWAHOO*) by Southern Pigskin on the current situation in Hooville, breaking down the current outflow of talent and Groh’s “hot seat” prospects. The author actually list some relevant factors that help Groh in not getting booted, which is sadly a rare thing in online missives about whether Groh is going to get booted."

From Old Virginia: So, not too shabby
"Maybe this'll work out OK. I got around to watching the UConn game. Sort of - I watched the offense, anyway, with the specific purpose of making some attempt at evaluating the quarterbacks as is my custom. I didn't bother watching the defense. It stinks, and you didn't need me to tell you that."


Tech Sideline: Nebraska Primer
"The Hokies head to the midwest to play the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday. Playing a team so far away during the regular season isn’t something Virginia Tech does a lot. They did play at LSU last year and at Texas A&M in 2002, but generally the Hokies stick to the east coast. To get you better prepared for the game, here’s a quick primer on Nebraska."

College Game Balls:
The Top 10 Differences Between UVA Football and the Titanic
"8. One sank in Atlantic, other in Coastal"

Tailgate Fever: Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner
"We are invincible. No, not the storied Va. Tech defense or the ridiculed Hokie offense. Not even our legendary special teams, who failed to block a kick last week for the first time all season. We are invincible. Us. Tailgate Fever. Our crack research team, which has until this point relied on a magic eight ball to make most of our major life decisions, correctly predicted the final score for two consecutive weekends: 20-17 and 20-17, which will now and forever be known simply as The Numbers. After fourteen long years toiling over detailed analytical data, record books, and Vegas odds sheets, we have finally figured out how to correctly predict the final score of our games. Nothing can stop us now."

The North End Zone: Game 4 and 5: UNC Recap, Corn F'ers Preview and Predictions
"Since the roommate had to be a jerk and go get Rock Band 2 this week, The North End Zone offices have been a little neglected. Sick days increased 400% over the past 3 days. (Seriously, the game is freaking awesome. Last night we played Journey. When was the last time Zelda gave you that privilege?)"

Wild Turkey CFR: Hokies find their mojo, defeat baby blue
"The first half was the ugliest 30 minutes of offensive football the Hokies have played all season. The low point came when Tech couldn't even figure out how many players to put on the field. Stinespring's 10 man formation experiment didn't work, and the Hokies burnt timeouts on back to back plays. The Tar Heels did a good job of containing Tyrod Taylor's rushing, and the Hokies couldn't muster anything else. The only score of the half for the Hokies came on a Dustin Keys 19 yard field goal, and even that gave us indigestion. Following a fumble recovery on the Carolina 6 yard line, Tech could only manage to move the ball 3 yards. Carolina lead 10-3 at halftime on a 32 yard touchdown to Brandon Tate. Desperate times called for desperate measures. I resorted to an orange shirt. I said I never would, but I felt the season hanging in the balance. Early in the third quarter, the orange was not producing. I was having cold feet on the but before I was able to remove the orange menace, Greg Little ran straight through the Hokie defense for a touchdown. It's 17-3 Heels. Damn you, orange."


Old Gold and Blog: Replay Booth: Offense vs. Florida State
"Everyone knows the offensive performance against Florida State wasn't exactly the best we've seen from this offense, and in some ways it may have been one of the worst, so let's take an in-depth look and see what we've really got here."


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