Friday, September 12, 2008

ACC Best of the Blogs: Week 2

We had our first conference game of the season in Week 2. A few more are coming this weekend.

Boston College

BC Interruption: Better Living Through Chemistry and the Big Finish
"Chemistry does help everything for sure but Crane only has at most 12 more games of his college career so if there is no chemistry there already, it might get a little better as the season progresses, but how much better can it really get?"

Eagle in Atlanta: Saturday's Loss Explained
"Do you guys remember Ghostbusters? Before the final showdown, the midday sky turned dark and gloomy. Foreboding clouds covered Manhattan. Then Gozer demands that the Ghostbuster choose its next form. Despite trying to keep their brains clear, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appears set to destroy the heroes. So my question for BC fans is when the Ghostbuster-like clouds appeared, which one of you choose "terrible QB play" as Gozer's latest form of destruction?"


Block-C: EKR: Large Hadron Collider Edition
"The science donut and WILLY KORN have a lot in common:
* worth 10 billion dollars
* can create tiny black holes
* smash atoms, records
* 17 miles around
* can throw lightening bolt TD passes
* can potentially destroy the earth
* this space intentionally left blank"

Georgia Tech

The Legacy x4: Virginia Tech Preview
"The stadium atmosphere could potentially be a factor. Lane Stadium is going to be the loudest and most intense experience we’ll face this year. Clemson is 2nd. The noise obviously factors in when teams have to run checks and audibles before the ball is snapped. The Triple Option does not need to worry about that as much since it mainly relies on making read while the play is in motion. As for the defense, I can only speculate how much changing of a package goes on for us."

GT Sports: What about the defense?
"Wow. Frank Beamer just completely summed up how most everyone feels about Jon Tenuta's attack. A bit of a one-trick pony, but one that succeeded more than it failed, almost solely because most college QB's make bad decisions when forced to make them quickly."


Turtle Waxing: The gameplan that wasn't
"I expect mediocre game plans and ineffective schemes from Chris Cosh, but I have been surprised this season with the lack of imagination of the wunderkind offensive coordinator James Franklin. He is certainly young and dynamic, meaning he has a shaved head and he yells fairly often, but his offense has been well short of those adjectives this season. Perhaps Franklin will turn out to be a good OC but the early returns are not encouraging. Debbie Yow went on record to call him one of the best hires she has ever seen in college athletics which is another indicator of her judgement, or lack thereof, but then again Debbie had a role in his hire so it must be a brilliant move. So here we sit two games into the season with a grand total of 28 points produced by the offense. I shudder to think what this offense would look like if Da'Rel Scott had not exceeded all expectations. It is probably worth raising the issue of how much influence Ralph Friedgen still has on the offense. I find it hard to believe that he has been completely hands off the last two weeks, or that he would go into the Cal game confident that Franklin will draw up a winning formula on his own."


All Canes: Running it up, a Cane's take
"Try that stunt against an SEC foe or a coach with less class and Florida will watch Mr. Heisman leave the game on a stretcher. Some coaches are classless enough to consider it 'open season' for their defense, regarding a starting quarterback left in the game with under 120 seconds and hucking it towards the end zone while sitting on an almost-three touchdown lead."

Hall of Canes:
Receivers need to Step Up
"That adds more fuel to my argument that the Canes need to play their talented freshmen WRs such as Aldarius Johnson, Travis Benjamin, Davon Johnson and others, and let them shine. Let's face it: The veteran WRs on the Canes have failed for awhile now. Might as well try the new guys."

North Carolina

Carolina March: UNC 44, Rutgers 12
"Admit it. You called somebody. Everybody's got that one other Carolina friend, the guy (or gal) you call during UNC games. You haven't had a reason to call during football season for quite some time, and the last time you did it was probably to complain that Bunting should be fired. And tonight, you made that call."

NC State

StateFans Nation: TOB Comments on the booing; Caulton Tudor gets it right
"The intention of this entry isn’t to promote discussion of Tom O’Brien’s comments, but rather to point out some very impressive statistics regarding the supporters of NC State athletics. We did this earlier in the year when NC State fans were one of the few highlights of Lee Fowler’s annual report, but with the recent criticism from at least one member of the local media this seemed like a good time to revisit some of this information. Considering the results of NC State’s athletic department under the leadership of Lee Fowler, some people might be quite surprised to find that NC State fans have been supporting their programs in record numbers by almost every measure."


Good Ol' Blog: The Lalich Mystery
"I’d normally say in this sort of situation that we should wait to see how the facts shake out, but I’m not all that confident that we’ll ever see the facts shake out in this one."

From Old Virginia: Marc Verica to start against UConn
"So I dunno. I was gonna have an opinion, but every time I do when it comes to Peter Lalich and his off-field escapades, the exact opposite happens. And is that not the most cryptic punishment quote you ever heard? If in fact it's a punishment? I'm just gonna stop speculating. I don't even know."

Virginia Tech

College Game Balls: Sean Glennon Hearts Sean Glennon
"If Glennon wasn’t on the field last year we would have beat Boston College at home and been playing for the National Championship. Grant Noel was bad, but at least he did what was better for the team and stepped aside for Bryan Randall."

Tailgate Fever: Every Offense Looks Better at 3:30
"Gameday is finally here. Real gameday. Not neutral site gameday. Not I-AA opponent gameday. A real home game, against a real opponent, at a real kickoff time gameday. And not a moment too soon with Techtown on the brink of implosion due to a lack of proper tailgating. If Beamer would just realize that tailgating solves most football fans' woes, he would focus on better kickoffs, more fun, a less insane level of security that has slowly turned our stadium into a federal supermax prison, and no longer have to defend the Offensive Coordinator from the angry mob. This is college football. It is supposed to be fun. When did that stop? If you answered, "When we hired Jim Weaver," advance to Go (collect $200)."

Wild Turkey CFBR: I'm out of whack, you're out of whack, we're all out of whack
"Here's the quote that jumps out at me "what’s the best way for our offense to help our defense win". We know Beamerball is about defense and special teams first. It has brought us much rejoicing and bourbon fueled excitement through the years. But isn't winning a TEAM effort? What message does that send to the defense. "Alright guys, get out there and carry these schlubs to another win" It's not as if Tech hasn't had any talented athletes on offense in recent years. Kevin Jones. Ernest Wilford. Lee Suggs. Cedric Humes. Eddie Royal. Josh Morgan. Branden Ore."

Wake Forest

Old Gold and Blog: Grobe "runs the gauntlet" at ESPN
"This whole concept of spending a day at Bristol is an interesting one, and it speaks to the power of ESPN these days. Not only is this one of the best ways for Wake Forest to get exposure, but according to the article, it's incredibly beneficial for Grobe to "make friends" with the ESPN talent and personalities so that they'll be more likely to cover Grobe and Wake in the future."

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