Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Josh Oglesby is Frustrated

Lots of scandalous stuff on Darryl Slater's Richmond Times Dispatch blog today. He has a series of quotes from Josh Oglesby about the running back situation for the Hokies.

From what I could gather, Oglesby is frustrated about his lack of playing time. He goes out of his way to compliment Darren Evans and Kenny Lewis, but believes he can do just as good as the two backs that are playing right now.

It would be easy to do as good as Lewis, who wasn't very productive against Georgia Tech. While Evans was gaining tough yards, almost all of Lewis' carries were for no gain or losses.

However, if Oglesby hadn't given the coaches a reason to not play him before, he probably just did. Quotes like the ones that ran today will not site well with Beamer, Billy Hite and company.

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