Monday, September 8, 2008

Furman Thoughts

Quick hits on the Furman game. This comes only from what I heard listening to Bill Roth's broadcast and looking at the box score.

- We don't have any depth at any position, except running back.

- If Macho Harris is healthy enough, he needs to see snaps on offense against Georgia Tech.

- However, playing Harris on offense vs. GT is a Catch-22. We need him to make the offense more dynamic. However, he can't be gassed going against the GT flexbone. Boundary corner is the most important position on the field, IMHO, against the Yellow Jackets' offense.

- The injuries to Cam Martin and Jason Worilds are huge if either or both can't go against GT.

- Darren Evans is far and away our best running back. He needs to see the bulk of the carries with Kenny Lewis in on third down situations and passing downs for his blocking ability.

- Dustin Pickle is officially my favorite player on this team. The dude was a BEAST on special teams Saturday.

- Booing Sean Glennon seems to make him play better.


cgb said...

Check out this gem of a comment from Sean Glennon on Kyle Tucker's blog.

ON THE BOOS HE HEARD FROM SOME FANS: "Doesn't bother me. They're going to do what they want to do. And I will say, just for the benefit of those people in the stands, it's only 10 percent maybe. I know that most of Hokie Nation is behind me. Most of Hokie Nation is not booing me. And maybe for that small group that is, maybe they’re jealous they're not out there. Maybe they don’t like me personally. But I threw a touchdown three plays after they booed me coming on the field, so..."

What a tool. We all boo you because we are jealous of being a horrible QB... Yeah that is it.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Glennon is a horrible quarterback. I think he is better at the backup role than a starter though. My only problem with Glennon is that after five years kiddo you need to make better decisions sometimes, and just get rid of the ball instead of getting sached please... Also after 5 years this is your team lead by example and don't hang your head after a bad play, have your helment on and be ready to forget the last play and make magic on the next one.