Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Anatomy of a Program: Our Weaknesses

This is part of a series of posts just before the season that will go over certain aspects of the football program I find interesting. There will be posts on the Virginia Tech football team's peers, strengths, weaknesses and fanbase. It won't just be on-field related issues, either.

1. Our Location
As much as I love Blacksburg, it's easy to see why some recruits wouldn't. When it's not a game day, it becomes a sleepy little hamlet that's a good fur-piece away from the nearest large city. There's a reason Miami is able to bring in a lot of 5-star recruits.

2. Coach Beamer's Loyalty
You don't see a lot of turnover on the Virginia Tech coaching staff. Sometimes that's a good thing. Other times? Not so much. The best coaches are willing to adapt to the changes in college football. And those that can't or are unwilling to adapt are usually quickly shown the door. Look at Auburn. Tommy Tuberville brought in a new offensive coordinator this year to run the spread. Sometimes loyalty can get in the way of progress.

3. Customer Service
The BCA refund debacle. The crackdown on fun. The lame "Hokies Respect" cartoons. For the love of God, this is college football. It isn't the Sydney Opera House. We're going to boo Miami when they run out of the tunnel. We're going to have the occasional adult beverage and toss a football around in the parking lot before the game. We're going to thrust our pelvises forward in an attempt to surge our offense across the goalline. When compared to Wisconsin, "Stick It In" is pretty PG.

4. Perception
There's an easy fix for this one: Win the big games. Don't just hang with USC, knock them off. Don't just make a BCS game, win it. Beat No. 2 Boston College at home. Win at Florida State. Beat and SEC team in its own backyard. The Hokies have had plenty of chances for a program and statement-making win. So far they've come up short.

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Anonymous said...

I've never been a fan on a university's try to crack down on fan behavior. It is just an attempt to save face. Here at Tech, the administration came up with a Fan's Code of Conduct. No one is going to pay attention to that.