Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anatomy of a Program: Our Strengths

This is part of a series of posts just before the season that will go over certain aspects of the football program I find interesting. There will be posts on the Virginia Tech football team's peers, strengths, weaknesses and fanbase. It won't just be on-field related issues, either.

1. Coaching Staff
College kids come and go, so it's important for the head coach to be the face of the program. You couldn't ask for a better face of the program than Frank Beamer. He's an alum who represents everything the team and school strives to be. With Bud Foster and the rest of the coaching staff, the team is in good hands.

2. Fiscal Conservatism
You can rail against athletic director Jim Weaver for a lot of things. It seems as if he's trying to make Blacksburg a no-fun zone by outlawing the Stick It In cheer and cutting down on some tailgating activities. But he keeps the program in the black and helped get us into the ACC. I believe Weaver's legacy will be getting into the new conference. And that's as good a legacy as anyone associated with Hokie athletics has ever left.

3. Fans
We're fanatical and we care. About EVERYTHING. We're ACC football fans with an SEC problem. That's not saying we belong in the ACC, just that we take our football just as seriously.

4. Bill Roth
A true professional, a great Hokie and one of the better play-by-play guys you'll ever listen to. Not bad for a Syracuse grad.

5. Work Ethic
Playing for the Hokies means brining a blue-collar, hard-working demeanor to the playing field. You're not given playing time under Beamer and Foster. You earn it. There's a reason Tech isn't ever mentioned as having a top recruiting class but still wins 10 games a year. The players work hard with both Beamer and strength coach Mike Gentry to become better players.

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